Studying biology was the catalyst for Aaron Aker's journey to Harvard Medical School

Aaron Aker learned that UMass Dartmouth College of Arts and Sciences had a lot to offer him, and studying biology helped set him on his course.

I’m working on genetics, translation, and transcription, which are very basic mechanisms. But understanding those and finding new insights can have huge impacts.

If I’m able to alter our understanding of at least one subject, I would feel as if I’m giving back in some way. That’s extremely important to me.

UMass Dartmouth had a wide range of subjects that I was interested in. I jumped around a few courses like Philosophy, Political Science, and then I took this introductory Biology course—which finally brought me into Biology.

All the professors were extremely committed to their students. They would put in the time to make sure that they were giving you the tools needed to really perform well there.

UMass Dartmouth does equip you to perform well in the world, as long as you are willing to take everything that it has to offer.

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