Computer Engineering: ideas & logic turned into tools for progress

The computer engineering program graduates students who excel in applications engineering & team leadership.

Inside every computer and every device, there is a history of technical evolution and creative brilliance. The laws of nature are harnessed; ideas and logic turned into tools for progress.

George Haddad '17: At first, I thought computer engineering was just coding and sitting at a desk, but it's the complete opposite. It's more about building and understanding how this technology works.

Prof. Paul Fortier: Computer engineers lie between computer science and electrical engineering. We spend most of our time in the area of computing, building computer systems. It's application oriented. We get to play and do what we want to do.

Rebecca Field '17: You learn in the classroom and get to apply it in the lab, working with groups--which helps you with team work and team building. You get to go out and do real-world stuff. It's rewarding say: I did that, it works."

George: It's incredible. I take real-life situations and apply them to my classes, rather than writing papers.

Rebecca: I'm very impressed with the teachers here. They're very knowledgeable and they want you to learn and to succeed.

George: Computer engineers have a certain passion that I don't see often. They get a glow in their eyes when they feel like they can make something new.

With a unique combination of small classes and broad opportunities for project work, UMass Dartmouth's computer engineering program has a strong history of graduating students who excel in applications engineering and team leadership.

Fortier: Typically, your lifespan for knowledge is 18 months. That's how fast things move—so you have to continuously learn.

Rebecca: I think with technology on the rise, computer engineering is going to be a necessary field. There's always going to be that need for engineering innovation and that need for knowledge. This is why I love engineering. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

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