Electrical Engineering: Shaping the future

Electrical engineering at UMass Dartmouth: preparing students to shape the future.

As the world innovates to answer the challenges of the 21st century, electrical engineering is at the heart of nearly every solution. Making it work. Faster. More powerful. More reliable.

Kari Cannon, ’16, MS ‘17: Electrical engineering plays into almost every aspect of our society today. You can do whatever you want to do with it.

Matthew Curry, ’16, MS ’17: That’s why I chose electrical engineering. I find it the most innovative and the most revolutionary.

A lifetime of impact

In medicine, in computers, in communications, in manufacturing and design: UMass Dartmouth electrical engineering students are gaining the hard knowledge and the soft skills they need for a lifetime of impact.

Chris Camara, ’16, MS ’17: Everyone here has a hand in trying to solve everyday problems we all face.

Matthew: The great thing about the program here at UMassD—whether you’re an electrical or a computer engineer—is that you’re exposed to everything first, so you have the opportunity to find out what you like.

Kari: In class, a lot of what we get tested on is the fundamentals. Then, when you have a project, that’s when you do the innovation and the creative reaching.

Chris: When you’re in your junior and senior years, you have to build and design systems—but then you have to put a twist on it, that maybe no one else has thought of before.

Solving problems, creating possibilities

In challenging classes, in hands-on labs, in creative research opportunities, and real-world internships, students learn to solve problems and create possibilities.

Matthew: There’s a real camaraderie among the classmates here. We are all working toward the same goal, and we’re all willing to help each other. That’s a huge part of engineering: teamwork.

Chris: There’s always something you don’t know, that you have to learn. It’s a lifelong learning process, and that’s part of what makes the engineers here so good at what they do.

Electrical engineering at UMass Dartmouth: preparing students to shape the future.

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