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DO NOT add images into the html editor. This can cause formatting issues on the live site. When adding images onto your page, please follow the instructions below.

Images add variety into your content and makes your page easier to scan.  They can also provide depth and context to the information that you are providing on your site, which keeps users on your page longer.

  1. Once you are in your content, use the blue Select media button. You are brought to the Media Library’s Select Media page.
Adding images

Use the "Select media" button to insert images onto your page.

  1. Navigate to the media asset you are looking for. Click on the Name or Preview image. The image is loaded and automatically positioned and aligned.
Select Media

This is the image caption.

  1. Once your image has been loaded into your content, you can provide additional information about your image in the Image caption field of your content block.  Not only does this help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but it is also great for our viewers who are using screen readers.

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