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Technology (IT), Chemical, Construction, Gift Card

Certain commodities require additional approval and controls in order to comply with laws and policies effecting those commodities and/or to manage risk associated with them. Refer below for information on these types of commodities.

Popular commodities requiring additional approvals

Technology (IT) purchases

General IT purchasing requirements

Purchases of IT software, licensing, software maintenance, and hardware, must comply with the following requirements and therefore require the prior approval of CITS & Procurement. Departments looking to obtain IT software or hardware should start by contacting CITS who will provide direction and assistance in obtaining quotes and or proposals that meet University standards.

  • Comply with University Information Technology Acquisition Policy T08-086.
  • Comply with UMass Dartmouth IT Procurement Policy.
  • Comply with Information Technology Equipment Requisitioning Procedure.
  • Meet all University System and Dartmouth Campus standards for IT hardware and software.

Laptop & desktop purchases

  • The UMass Dartmouth IT Purchasing Policy establishes that it is the University's expectation that each faculty/staff member have one University laptop or desktop. A secondary laptop or desktop requires additional approval which is generally reserved for situations when research or other requirements necessitate the need for an additional computer.
  • CITS has developed standard computer configurations based on job requirements for faculty and staff and works with researchers, faculty and staff who have specific computing needs that require custom configurations in order to ensure the devices that are ordered meet their needs and comply with University policies and standards.
  • The University system has established contracts with Dell and Apple to purchase laptops and desktops and centralized quoting for computers with CITS.

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Information technology equipment requisitioning procedure

Gift Cards

In lieu of cash advances, universally accepted gift cards with a maximum value of up to $50 will be issued by the University upon proper documentation and approval of the Department Chair and an Administrative Finance Representative.  These gift cards can be issued for use as honorariums, prizes, student acknowledgements or as an incentive for participating in an academic research project.  Payments to students in excess of $50 must be made through Accounts Payable (1.e. in the form of a check).

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