Feature Stories 2022: Rylee Gant '22: Finding her niche

Rylee Gant
Rylee graduates with her degree in electrical engineering in May of 2022 (Photographer: Karl Dominey).
Feature Stories 2022: Rylee Gant '22: Finding her niche
Rylee Gant '22: Finding her niche

Rylee, an electrical engineering major, lands a position with the Naval Undersea Warfare Center.

Rylee, you completed part of your studies at Bristol Community College in Fall River before transferring to UMass Dartmouth. Why did you choose UMassD?

"I chose to attend UMass Dartmouth because this is a school known for its engineering program."

What, in particular, drew you to your major?

"Electronics are always evolving and that is something that I wanted to be a part of. It was very hard at times, but I have enjoyed being able to apply the things that I have learned to things outside of school."

What was one of your favorite classes?

"Electrical & Computer Engineering 320 with Professor John Buck. This class gave me an insight into other things that I could do with an electrical engineering degree that I never thought about before. Professor Buck took the time to make sure students understood what he was teaching, and he has helped me out in many ways. He always gives good advice and genuinely wants the best for his students."

As an undergraduate student, did you have the opportunity to conduct research?

"I did a research internship with Professor Buck during the summer of 2021. We applied the signal processing concepts that I learned during his class to analyze the diving behaviors of leatherback sea turtles. It was a great experience to see a different side of what signal processing could be used for other than sound signals."

How has UMassD prepared you for life after graduation?

"UMassD has prepared me for life after graduation by teaching me skills that I could use outside of school and teaching me the basics of what I would have to know when I enter the workforce."

What are your plans after graduation? 

"I will be starting a new job in August for hardware/ software design at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC). Until then, I hope to take a few trips to celebrate my accomplishment and I will continue to run my baking business. I took an interest in baking while being in college and started my own small baking business to help support myself financially while being a full-time student."

Any advice for younger or incoming UMassD students?

"I would recommend reaching out to professors and asking questions when you don’t understand something and asking classmates for help because most students are happy to help."