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March 2015
March 2015
March 2015
March 2015
March 2015


Program Co-Directors

Ramprasad Balasubramanian
Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Gary Davis
Professor, Department of Mathematics

Data Science

The data science program at UMass Dartmouth is an interdisciplinary effort to develop research and educational opportunities in data-intensive methodologies and applications. It was launched to help meet the growing demand for researchers and professionals skilled in developing and utilizing automated methods of collecting and analyzing data and to foster new collaborations in cognate application areas. The program is especially focused on harnessing the potential power of big data to transform areas ranging from healthcare to business to government. The data science program integrates traditional disciplines such as mathematics, statistics and computer science and it creates a digital network that can engage students and faculty university-wide.

The power of big data

With the advent of the digital age, the amount of data which is generated is unprecedented. Thus, the need for data science: to analyze data in order to extract knowledge from it to gain new insights for problem solving and decision support. Data science has become the broader term encompassing informatics, data analysis, and predictive and visual analytics. It incorporates skills from many disciplines such as computer science, mathematics, and statistics, which results in a unique skill set desirable for many commercial and government jobs. This has resulted in incredibly strong demand, salaries and job security for those with these skills.

Industry Partnerships

UMass Dartmouth works with different industries, including business, healthcare, government and high tech, to place students as interns in the area of data science. In addition, the university will work with various organizations to perform data analysis and modeling to gain new insight for  specific projects. Contact one of the Program Co-directors to discuss opportunities.


Data analysts are invaluable to businesses. They perform useful analytics on various company data, ranging from product transactions, to customer interactions with advertisements.


E-commerce websites have opened up a new opportunity for data scientists. Online e-commerce platforms must aggregate data ranging from the customer's interaction with the website, to the sales of particular products.


The financial sector benefits greatly from data scientists. Data analysis ranges from personal banking, from savings to checking accounts, to investment portfolios.


The government has recently made a push to incorporate big data. From appointing the first Chief Data Scientist in 2015, to opening their website, it is clear the government realizes the importance of data science in our future.

Data Science march 2015


The broad discipline of Science from physicists, biologists, to chemists, utilizes data science to analyze large amounts of data from experiments in order to form observations and conclusions from these experiments.

Social Networking

With the advent of social media, valuable information can be derived from the users who participate on social networking sites. This information can be applied to advertisements to analytics.


As patient health records are digitized, big data will play a big role in measuring the effectiveness of drug treatment and patient health.


With the increasingly rising popularity of smartphones, data scientists have a role in aggregating information gathered by owners of smartphones.


Source: Statistics, U.s. Bureau Of Labor. "Working with Big Data." (n.d.): n. pag. 2013. Web.

According to a 2013 document published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "in May 2012... there were 25,570 statisticians and 316,790 computer programmers. These occupations had median annual wages of $75,560 and $74,280, respectively— more than double the median annual wage of $34,750 for all workers in May 2012." Read the entire BLS Occupational Outlook Quarterly report here.

Research Partnerships

Hands-on learning is crucial, which is why students who are enrolled in the data science program at UMass Dartmouth will have opportunities to work on industry, agency or faculty sponsored research projects.


March 2015

Collaborative research

Center for Scientific Computing and Visualization Research: An interdisciplinary center where faculty and students collaborate using high-performance computers to address mathematical, engineering, physics, biology, chemistry, and oceanography computational issues and questions.
Learn more about CSCVR >

Degrees in Data Science offered by UMass Dartmouth

The College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Engineering together offer two new programs in Data Science

Bachelor of Science Master of Science