News 2024: College Awareness on the SouthCoast

News 2024: College Awareness on the SouthCoast
College Awareness on the SouthCoast

Chancellor Fuller discusses the importance of higher education in the region and UMass Dartmouth's role in the SouthCoast community

Dear Educators of the SouthCoast,

It’s an exciting time here on the SouthCoast for education: our students have returned to the classrooms, and we are seeing more interest than ever from students from local school districts in pursuing their dreams through higher education.

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, the median earnings of those with a bachelor’s degree in 2021 was 55% higher than the earnings of those who completed high school. This earning difference has the ability to transform families and communities, and as educators of the SouthCoast, we are dedicated to helping the next generation achieve their goals through learning.

At UMass Dartmouth, we prepare our students for the real world, offering a world class education right here on the SouthCoast. We are proud to be the only public research university in the region, offering courses rich with research opportunities and hands-on learning experiences at a fantastic value. UMass Dartmouth is ranked #2 in the state for social mobility, and 95% of our students are employed or in graduate school within six months of graduation. Students can develop the skills they need to join the booming offshore wind industry, study the effects of renewable energy on marine life, become trained nurses familiar with state-of-the-art technology, learn how art transforms communities, understand how game design can be used for workforce training, and so much more.

UMass Dartmouth has a place for every qualified student on the SouthCoast, and we are ready to welcome them into the Corsair family. With your help, we can educate K-12 students on all the possibilities that await them by earning a college degree. I am grateful for our shared commitment to increasing educational awareness and opportunities, and I encourage you to share this 15-minute college awareness video with your students. It’s designed to speak to our middle school audience and get them thinking about the myriad of opportunities that exist on college campuses.

Thank you for your help in empowering the next generation of learners.


Mark A. Fuller, PhD
University of Massachusetts Dartmouth