Feature Stories 2022: A day to make a difference

College Now students
Feature Stories 2022: A day to make a difference
A day to make a difference

Annual day of giving makes a direct impact on UMassD students, programs, athletic teams, and more

For 1,895 minutes in April 2021, the Corsair Challenge brought alumni, faculty, staff, families, friends, and students together in a display of UMass Dartmouth pride while supporting the programs, departments, and teams they love.

“This annual giving day brings out the best of UMass Dartmouth,” said Director of Annual Giving Shannon Wood. “It is inspiring to see so many members of our community donating to their favorite areas of the university.”

Over the course of the day, students share glimpses on social media into how a donor’s gift can make an impact on the student organizations, programs of study, and athletics teams that are essential to their experience at UMassD. Funds raised during the Corsair Challenge go directly to the designated fund of choice, making it a great way to make an immediate impact.

For programs like College Now, the Corsair Challenge is an important opportunity to raise money to support student success. With a share of a $10,000 gift from the UMassD Alumni Association split across four areas, College Now used $2,500 of these bonus funds to subsidize the purchase of textbooks, class materials, and access codes for educational software.

“For some students, these donations were the only way they would have been able to get the materials they needed to be successful,” said Craig Elkins, director of College Now. "We're grateful to our community during the Corsair Challenge for this support."

College Now is an alternative admissions program that facilitates access to higher education for students who demonstrate the desire and ability to attend college, but who require additional supports academically or financially to reach their full potential. The program receives over 700 applications and admits just 150 students each year.

Elkins witnesses College Now’s ability to transform lives, and the support from fundraising campaigns like the Corsair Challenge motivates students to achieve even more. “These students prove that their socioeconomic backgrounds or prior academic performances do not define their potential to become educated citizens,” Elkins said