Feature Stories 2022: Edward Lundy '22: On the right track

Edward Lundy, uploaded 3/15/22
Edward Lundy '22 is a dual-major, senior class president, captain of the men's track and field team, and student-employee on campus
Feature Stories 2022: Edward Lundy '22: On the right track
Edward Lundy '22: On the right track

Senior marketing major, management minor, class president, track and field captain, and student-employee is well-prepared for life after graduation

When Edward Lundy first visited UMass Dartmouth’s campus in April of 2018, he remembers sensing a welcoming feeling, and knew it would be his “home away from home” quickly after setting foot on campus.

A leader on campus

Four years later, Lundy has become a leader of multiple departments at UMassD, helping to inspire that feeling all around campus as the President of the Class of 2022, captain of the men’s track and field team, Charlton College of Business (CCB) peer mentor and student ambassador, and the program chair for the National Society of Black Engineers.

"Staying busy, as a student-athlete and –employee, has strengthened my time management, teamwork, and communication skills, all of which have helped prepare me for life after graduation,” said Lundy. “College is a great opportunity to refine and practice these skills, as well as gain experience in leadership positions. Having a busy and diverse schedule has prepared me to handle any task thrown my way.”

Success in the classroom

The senior marketing major also refines these skills in the classroom, as a regular Chancellor’s List (at least a 3.8 GPA) student over his four years in the Charlton College of Business. Lundy states diverse career opportunities and a constant demand for managers and marketers as being what drove him to study business at UMassD. 

“Every organization has a business component to it, and I’ve always been fascinated with the relationship between consumers and brands,” said Lundy. “I chose marketing, which I think of as business psychology, because I enjoy working collaboratively and using creativity to solve problems.”

Lundy especially values the Charlton College of Business’s resources available to students, such as the career center, and says CCB’s curriculum set him up well for his internship at the Boston Globe last summer.

“I make sure to utilize every opportunity CCB provides to enhance my professional development,” said Lundy. “CCB had me well-prepared for my internship, and I’m confident my collegiate experience in and outside the classroom has me well-prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.

“I’m especially grateful for the support I’ve received from Dean Williams, Associate Dean Chan Du, Professors Steven White and Jacqueline Einstein, and many others in CCB and around campus.” 

Real world experience

As accomplished as he is on campus, Lundy was cognizant he’d benefit from seeing a business model outside of Ring Road, landing himself an advertising internship at the Boston Globe, New England’s largest daily newspaper by circulation. 

“I enjoyed applying lessons learned from my marketing and management courses to real-world projects at the Boston Globe,” said Lundy. “As an advertising intern, I assisted with print and digital design production of clients’ advertising campaigns and contributed to creative brainstorms to develop new advertisements and marketing outlets, among other duties.

“Interning at the Boston Globe was a great experience for my career development, as I was exposed to different nuances of marketing, while also learning new skills and working alongside a dynamic team that mentored and allowed me to showcase the marketing skills I’d learned in the classroom. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to intern at the Boston Globe, and I hope other students experience a job or internship as rewarding as mine.”

On the right track

When not working in on-campus roles, leading student clubs, mentoring other students, or volunteering his time where needed, Lundy is running short sprints for UMassD’s men’s Track and Field team, for which he holds all-time program ranks of 3rd in the 55-meter dash, 5th in the 60-meter dash, 6th in the indoor 200-meter dash, and 10th in the outdoor 200-meter dash.

“Life as a student-athlete on campus is great. There’s an extra sense of support from teammates and coaches, and an appreciation from classmates, faculty and staff that we’re able to balance academics and social lives with athletics,” said Lundy.

“I love building relationships, support, and camaraderie with my teammates. Strong team camaraderie is the foundation of every championship team, and I think that’s a great experience to take into the workforce upon my graduation.”

Reflecting on four years

“I chose to attend UMass Dartmouth because of the excellent education the Charlton College of Business provides, the close-knit and supportive campus, the opportunity to grow, and the value of being a part of the UMass system and community.” said Lundy. “Looking back, I can confidently say I made the most out of my college experience.

“Becoming a campus leader and being so involved opened lots of opportunities for me, and I am forever grateful. If there’s one piece of advice I would give to future corsairs, it’d be to write your own story and make it a meaningful one. I am proud of what I accomplished, and hope others can find inspiration from my story to write their own.”