Feature Stories 2022: Jayden Betances '22: Expanding your pathways

Feature Stories 2022: Jayden Betances '22: Expanding your pathways
Jayden Betances '22: Expanding your pathways

Senior management major gained income, credit, and experience in his real estate internship

Landing an internship can be one of the best experiences for college students preparing for life after graduation. The experience provides a short-term introduction to your field, industry, and life as a professional. During the fall semester of 2021, Jayden Betances’s real estate internship at Project Destined provided each of those, while giving him course credit and paying him for his experience.

Betances, a senior Management major with a small business/entrepreneurship concentration and minor in Management Information Systems, recommends fellow UMassD students look to secure an internship as early as possible into their college career.

“Internships build up your resume, expand your network, teach you skills, and open additional pathways for your career,” said Betances. “Even if you end up with an experience you don’t particularly love, you come away with a better understanding of what you are looking for in your career. You have nothing to lose!”

Betances was able to complete this experience remotely, working roughly 15 hours a week and earning credits alongside his course load on campus, allowing him to experience life both as a student and professional. 

“I learned a lot from my experience: how to present a sales pitch, edit scripts, public speaking skills, and how to become comfortable stepping outside my comfort zone,” said Betances. “I will definitely take the confidence and teamwork skills I learned with me after graduation, as well as the perspective of not being afraid to fail.”

Betances has always held an interest in real estate, noting that UMass Dartmouth’s location and campus layout were two of the things that caught his attention when applying to attend.

“Real estate was something I came into UMass Dartmouth interested in pursuing, and I’ve learned a lot about it in the classroom, but getting to work with it directly definitely opened my eyes to making a career in the industry,” said Betances. “Looking back, I most enjoyed being part of a team that had so many different minds working together to find solutions to problems.

“This experience definitely helped me grow as a person, boosting my confidence in myself, and reminding me not to take opportunities for granted. I highly recommend getting your feet wet in an internship and getting involved on campus. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Make the uncomfortable, comfortable.”