Feature Stories 2022: Mekhi Geter '22: Soldier-student-athlete

Mekhi Geter '22, Crime and Justice Studies Major
Mekhi Geter ’22 is a senior crime and justice studies major and a two-time captain of UMass Dartmouth’s football team, as well as a soldier of the Massachusetts National Guard.
Feature Stories 2022: Mekhi Geter '22: Soldier-student-athlete
Mekhi Geter '22: Soldier-student-athlete

Senior crime and justice studies major, National Guard soldier, and two-time captain of the UMassD football team

A full college course load keeps most students busy. Playing, and captaining an athletic team on top of this requires top-notch time-management skills. Crime and justice studies major and defensive lineman Mekhi Geter does both while also giving up one weekend a month to serve in the Massachusetts National Guard.

"I’ve always felt like more obligations helps me manage my time better. I love the feeling of always having something to do and being kept on my toes," said Geter. "It does get a little hectic at times, but when you love what you do, you’ll make time to be involved in as much as you can."

The pursuit of justice

Geter arrived on campus in the fall of 2018 with a passion for law and criminal procedure. Spending much of his youth fascinated with criminal and legal television dramas, getting to educate himself on the topic only further enhanced that fascination.

"My favorite class at UMass Dartmouth is Criminal Law and Procedure because it dives into the realities and facts of our criminal justice system in the state of Massachusetts and federally,” said Geter. “It was a great class to take to get a snippet of what law school and other facets of criminal justice would be like."


Outside the classroom, Geter has an equal passion for football. A two-time captain, Geter led the Corsairs to win the 2021 New England Bowl; a goal he’s looking to repeat this upcoming season.

"Having the whole campus rally behind us was a moment I’ll never forget," said Geter. "To see the work we put surmount in a championship was very rewarding. Our progression from a 5-5 team my freshman year to a 9-2 team last year solidifies the change of culture our program is adapting to, which is a credit to our coaches, players, and supporters."

Mekhi Geter smiles after a 42-16 New England Bowl win over Alfred State College
Geter smiles after last year’s 42-16 New England Bowl win over Alfred State College.

Despite random activations in the National Guard, like federal orders to work full-time at a nearby hospital in the spring, being sent to Washington DC during the Capitol insurrection, and responding to riots and protests throughout the past couple years, Geter’s commitments to his studies and his team have never wavered, passing all his classes, and making as many team lifts and practices as he’s contractually allowed to.

"As a program we are proud of Mekhi," said UMass Dartmouth Football Head Coach Mark Robichaud. "He is an outstanding young man, student, and soldier. Mekhi is a role model for all of our young men."

"My time as a captain for the UMassD football team has been life changing. I’ve learned how to communicate with different people and effectively lead a group," said Geter. "So much has come from this position, and I hope that I do a good enough job for this team to achieve the goals we’ve set for ourselves."

Advice to other students

“I would advise younger UMassD students to make graduation a plan and never derive from that path; understand that everyone's way of doing things can be different, but the result is the same,” said Geter. “Maintain your course and understand why you wanted to come to college in the first place.

“UMass Dartmouth has prepared me to always have goals in mind and never to accept satisfaction. Understand that life will continue to go on, and changes in your life will happen, but it is imperative to realize that you started something with the end goal of completing it, so stay driven, and be relentless in your endeavors.” 

When asked to describe UMass Dartmouth in one word, Mekhi Geter called it, "a pathway." Students often acknowledge they get out what they put into their college experience. Geter has put a lot into his studies, athletics, and extracurriculars, creating quite the pathway for himself.


You can watch Geter lead the Corsairs onto the gridiron when they kick off their season Saturday, Sept. 3, at 12 p.m. at home on Cressy Field.

2022 Home Schedule:

  • Sat. Sept. 3, 12 p.m. vs Husson University
  • Sat. Sept. 17, 1:30 p.m. vs Framingham State University
  • Fri. Sept. 30, 7 p.m. vs Western Connecticut State University
  • Sat. Oct. 15, 4 p.m. vs Westfield State University
  • Sat. Oct. 29, 12 p.m. vs Bridgewater State University