New Graduate World Class Certificate In Sustainable Development At Umass Dartmouth

Starting January 24, 2011, UMass Dartmouth is going live with an online Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Development.

Starting January 24, 2011, UMass Dartmouth is going live with an online Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Development (GCSD) expected to draw hundreds of applicants from around the globe. This fall, a pilot program for the GCSD courses was offered to a double-capacity crowd, forcing UMass Dartmouth to expand its original plans to teach 30 Massachusetts residents under a Department of Labor grant. Sixty students completed courses in Carbon Management and Principles of Sustainable Development. 
Although the original grant restrictions limited the pilot program students to Massachusetts residents, requests poured in from applicants across the nation and all over the world. Potential students included government officials, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and those who want to know more about how to make a difference for our planet as it faces climate change, peak oil, pollution, over-population, hunger, and natural resource depletion.  The new certificate program will be open to students from all over the world. 
This coming semester's GCSD courses will include Sustainable Development Theory and Practice, Environmental Consequences of Globalization, Environmental Law, and Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Law. To earn the GCSD, students must complete four three-credit courses including the core requirement of in Sustainable Development Theory and Practice, plus a capstone Strategic Sustainable Leadership course.  Electives include courses on Carbon, Energy, Renewable Energy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Law, and the Environmental Consequences of Globalization. Internships are also encouraged. 
The GCSD is designed to enable professionals and students to identify, explore and formulate best practices in Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development refers to a marriage of economic growth goals and environmental protection such that countries and their enterprises continue to evolve but with responsibility for the welfare of people and the planet. The practice-oriented certificate provides a multi-disciplinary method for students to become scholar practitioners and to understand sustainable development practices, processes, methods and measurements. 
The certificate is designed to meet the needs of professionals who are already working in industry and those who plan to transition to clean energy careers, as well as entrepreneurs. It also enables students to transition into a higher-level graduate degree in related topics. MBA students in the UMass Dartmouth Charlton College of Business may choose to elect Sustainable Development as their program of study, earning both an MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Development and the GCSD concurrently. 
UMass Dartmouth's GCSD is one of the few programs worldwide offering professional credentials at the graduate level in sustainability and sustainable development. Faculty includes top researchers in the field of sustainability as well as two 2011 Fulbright Scholars. The Times of London recently rated the University of Massachusetts system as one of the top in the world. 
UMass Dartmouth has a nationally recognized sustainability office and is the first university in the world to post an A-level Sustainability Report utilizing the GRI G3 standard framework. 

For more information, contact the Graduate Program in Sustainable Development, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, or email 

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