Theatre Company to present Jekyll and Hyde April 14-17

The UMass Dartmouth Theatre Company will present Jekyll & Hyde at the Main Auditorium April 14 - 17.

The UMass Dartmouth Theatre Company will present Jekyll & Hyde at the Main Auditorium April 14 - 17. 

Intended for mature audiences, this evocative tale of the epic battle between good and evil is based on Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story about a brilliant doctor whose experiments with human personality create a murderous counterpart. Convinced the cure for his father's mental illness lies in the separation of Man's evil nature from his good, Dr. Henry Jekyll unwittingly unleashes his own dark side, wreaking havoc in the streets of late 19th century London as the savage, maniacal Edward Hyde. 

The show schedule is as follows: 

Thursday, April 14, 8 p.m. 
Friday, April 15, 8 p.m. 
Saturday, April 16, 8 p.m. 
Sunday, April 17. 2 p.m. 

UMD Students: $5 (with UMASS Pass) 
Other Students, Faculty and Alumni: $10 
General Admission: $15 

The case includes: 
Aaron Valente- Henry Jekyll/Edward Hyde 
Ricardo Aguiar- Gabriel John Utterson (Jekyll U/S) 
Thomas Golden- Sir Danvers Carew 
Micah Williams- Simon Stride and Spider 
Daniel Dobbins- Lord Savage 
Andy Ross- The Bishop of Basingstoke (Utterson U/S) 
Mario K Sasso- General Lord Glossop 
Tyler Rowe- Sir Archibald Proops 

Molly-Katherine Howarth- Lucy Harris 
Anne Shaughnessy- Emma Carew 
Alexandra Pagan- Lady Beaconsfield (Emma U/S) 
Sarah Hills- Nellie (Lady Beaconsfield U/S) 

Miguel Alicea 
William Annand (Poole) 
Jessica Feinzig 
Hilary Finnegan 
Patrick Griffin (Bisset) 
Ashley Harton-Powell 
David Meczywor 
Amanda Noel 
Mandy Roach 
Becky Rowe 
Diana Tamburri 

Production Crew 
Director: Wendy Hall 
Musical Director: Roy Campbell 
Stage Manager: Kelsey Johnson 
Assistant Stage Manager: Olivia Hull 
Set Build/Design: Martin Pasquill and Nate Valente 

Call (508) 999-8167 for more information or stop by our office (Campus Center 001)

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