2016 2016: First day message from Chancellor Helm

2016 2016: First day message from Chancellor Helm
First day message from Chancellor Helm

Message from Chancellor Randy Helm to the campus community on his first day

Randy Helm
Interim Chancellor Randy Helm officially joins UMassD today, March 15

Dear Members of the UMass Dartmouth Community,

I am delighted to be here at last. My bags are unpacked and the paint has almost dried on the bookshelves in my new apartment. Now I can look forward to participating actively in the life of this very active campus. We have lots of work to do together, and I am eager to get started. I realize that this is Spring Break, so many of you are visiting warmer climes (or just catching up on your sleep), but I wanted to greet you anyway, and to let you know that I plan on hosting a campus-wide reception on Wednesday, March 30th when, presumably, everybody will be back and things will be in high gear again. Until then, thanks to the many of you who have already made me feel so welcome.



Peyton R. (Randy) Helm

Interim Chancellor