2016 2016: Drug Disposal Kiosk

2016 2016: Drug Disposal Kiosk
Drug Disposal Kiosk

Department of Public Safety announces arrival of a new drug disposal kiosk

Kiosk picWe are pleased to announce the recent arrival of a new drug disposal kiosk at the Department of Public Safety.

This kiosk makes it possible for any member of our community to safely dispose of unwanted prescription drugs, over the counter medications, vitamins, and even medications intended for pets. This initiative is part of a partnership between DPS, the Town of Dartmouth. The goal is to remove drugs from improper circulation and keep these substances away from children and out of the water supply. Similar strategies are being used in communities around the country and have proven successful.

To dispose of unwanted drugs, one simply walks into the lobby of the Department of Public Safety and drops the items in the secured kiosk, no questions asked. A similar kiosk is located at the Dartmouth Police Station located at 249 Russells Mills Road, Dartmouth.