UMass Law lauded for making theory meet practice for students

by National Jurist publication preLaw

preLaw a national jurist publication

UMass Law is propelling itself “to the front of the class” when it comes to practical training. That is what the National Jurist publication, preLaw, found when it assessed the country’s Best Schools for Practical Training in its Spring 2016 edition.

In just five years of its existence as the University of Massachusetts School of Law-Dartmouth, the school was recognized for the more than 9,100 pro bono hours logged by students in the last two years. They worked at more than 72 organizations in six states and two nations. Since 2011, students have provided more than 18,500 hours of legal services in for-credit internships.

At UMass Law, “the numbers are adding up when it comes to students and practical training,” preLaw declared.

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