2016 2016: Put your social media savviness to the test

2016 2016: Put your social media savviness to the test
Put your social media savviness to the test

The College of Arts and Sciences has decided to up their social media game by expanding their platform usage. They want you to join them.

Every day it seems like new social media platforms are popping up. It's hard to keep track and stay on top, but the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is trying. 

For the past year or so, we've maintained two social media platforms—Facebook and LinkedIn. We use these platforms as a way to share students' stories, faculty profiles, and even departmental events. 

A larger social media presence

But we'd like to have a more robust online presence with back and forth conversations, use of hashtags, photo sharing, and tagging.

In order to make this wish a reality, we decided to up our social media game. Millennials aren't just on Facebook and LinkedIn anymore. They've wandered to other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, so CAS has begun to share stories and news on the college's new Twitter and Instagram accounts. We've also created hashtags-#umassdcas and #CASstories- to help create and follow CAS conversations. 

Use your social media savviness to engage with us

In the past, we've used social media as our broadcasting tool. We've shared stories about our students and ourselves. We've advertised university and departmental events. But we're looking to do more. It's not just about us telling our story; we want our users to tell their story too. 

We want to create a community of users who are engaged with us. In the future, there will be photo contests on Instagram for the best campus shot, trivia contests via twitter, alumni awards, and the most shared CAS story via Facebook. We've got the plans, but now we need the community. Join us.