2016 2016: Student-run business open forums on April 4

2016 2016: Student-run business open forums on April 4
Student-run business open forums on April 4

All majors welcome to learn about how to start a student-run business on campus

Jumpin' Juice, the first student-run business in UMassD history, opened this past fall.

All majors are welcome to attend two open forums to learn about student run businesses at UMass Dartmouth. The open forums will take place April 4, at noon and 4 p.m., at the Claire T. Carney Library Stoico/FIRSTFED Charitable Foundation Grand Reading Room. 

The purpose of the forums are to engage the UMass Dartmouth community in new ideas for a future student-run business on campus. In addition, the forums offer a chance for students to learn more about UMassD's Student-Run Business Association (SRBA). The forums will provide motivated students with the opportunities and resources they need to plan and start a student-run business on campus.

UMass Dartmouth’s SRBA was established in 2014 to act as an oversight agency that supports student entrepreneurship on campus.  The SRBA is also made up of student leaders who seek to connect their fellow students from a variety of disciplines with the resources they need to launch small scale, non-profit businesses. In creating these business ventures with the student population, the SRBA’s focus is to stimulate an entrepreneurial atmosphere, support student growth in business, and bring together unique skill sets from all around the campus community.