2017 2017: Ellen Mueller Spearheads New CAA Podcast

2017 2017: Ellen Mueller Spearheads New CAA Podcast
Ellen Mueller Spearheads New CAA Podcast

Weekly Online Conversations Related to Arts & Pedagogy

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Ellen Mueller, a new member of the faculty at College of Visual and Performing Arts, has launched a weekly podcast for the College Art Association entitled, CAA Conversations. This podcast features educators exploring arts and pedagogy, tackling everything from the day-to-day grind to the big, universal questions of the field.

The project began recording episodes over last summer, and will feature at least 28 episodes throughout the 2017-18 academic year. Subject matter ranges across studio art, art history, design, and art education. Featured guests hail from across the United States and beyond.

The CAA Conversations Podcast will be posted each Monday to the CAA website. If you already receive CAA News on Wednesday you will automatically receive CAA News Monday. If you don’t get the Wednesday newsletter, sign up here for both.

For more information about the podcast, please contact Ellen Mueller, at emueller1@umassd.edu.