Web Team launches new university home page

Responsive home page for UMass Dartmouth

responsive home page

The University Marketing Web Team has developed a mobile-responsive home page for UMass Dartmouth that maintains the key features of the current site while providing a user-friendly experience for phones and tablets.

The team has already implemented a number of mobile-responsive sites including UMass Law, Online Home, UMassD Admissions (Undergraduate), UMassD Alumni, UMassD News and the UMassD Directory.

Mobile-responsive sites are key to improving visibility in search engines like Google. As more people, particularly prospective students, view websites on smaller devices, it is essential that our website be easy to navigate and use.

We plan to launch the new homepage on Monday, March 27. For access to the portal, we will be changing the link from “myUMassD portal” to the simplified “Log in.”

We intend to convert the entire UMassD website to a mobile-responsive design over the next year. For more information, please contact: webteam@umassd.edu.

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