University announces launch of largest public battery storage system in Massachusetts

New system updates campus sustainability infrastructure and offers savings

Tesla Battery Pack

The University, along with FirstLight, AMS, and Eversource, recently launched the largest public battery storage system in Massachusetts. The 520 kW system, in combination with other measures, will reduce the electrical load of the University from the grid during peak usage times.

The new battery storage system enters a robust ecosystem of campus sustainability infrastructure including a 1.6MWh Co-generation plant and 369 kW of solar photovoltaic panels. This newest tool and existing blend of alternative energy sources demonstrates the University’s commitment to sustainability and reducing the impact on the environment.

“This is a great tool for us to regularly deploy. There are peak uses during each season and this will allow us to help both the University and the overall electrical grid,” said Jamie Jacquart, Assistant Director of Campus Sustainability at UMass Dartmouth. “It’s a win-win-win, especially if it local encourages businesses, municipalities, and homeowners to do the same.”

Because the price of electricity is most expensive when used during peak times, specifically during the day, the battery system will release stored energy at these peak times to help reduce the University’s overall electric costs.

“Recent changes in the ISO-New England market are enabling greater participation of distributed resources, and in particular storage resources. This transaction and strategic partnership with AMS represents a step in the right direction to address fuel-security for UMass Dartmouth, and an opportunity to diversify in energy-storage markets we understand well through our management of the Northfield Mountain and Rocky River energy storage systems,” said Sidd Manjeshwar, CFO at FirstLight.

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