2023 2023: UMass Dartmouth generated $618 Million in annual economic impact for Massachusetts

2023 2023: UMass Dartmouth generated $618 Million in annual economic impact for Massachusetts
UMass Dartmouth generated $618 Million in annual economic impact for Massachusetts

New UMass Donahue Institute study shows more than 4,000 jobs sustained by the University

UMass Economic Impact Report

According to a recently released report, UMass Dartmouth contributed $618 million in economic activity to the Massachusetts economy in fiscal year 2022 through operating expenditures, major construction expenditures, and local spending by students, faculty, and staff. For every dollar the Commonwealth invested in UMass Dartmouth, the University generated $6 worth of economic activity in return.

As the second largest employer in the region, UMass Dartmouth also funds an additional 2,960 jobs on the SouthCoast through its spending, bringing the total number of jobs supported to 4,020.

“This report quantifies the UMass system's undeniable role as a powerful catalyst for economic growth in Massachusetts.” said UMass Dartmouth Chancellor Mark Fuller. "UMass Dartmouth's significant economic impact highlights our unique ability to drive the state's economy, especially here on the SouthCoast. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni bring valuable skills, knowledge, innovation, and creativity to their communities, and our state-of-the-art facilities are not only used for groundbreaking research by our faculty and students, but also serve as a valuable resource for local companies and community partners. UMass Dartmouth takes pride in being a hub of learning and discovery and playing a critical role in the growth of the Massachusetts economy."

The UMass Donahue Institute report found that the five-campus UMass system generated a record $8.3 billion in economic activity and supported nearly 40,000 external jobs across Massachusetts. The major drivers of economic impact are student, faculty and staff spending, construction projects, and the University's purchasing of the goods and services required for university operations.

"The scope of the operations on our five nationally ranked research universities has a profound impact on the Massachusetts economy overall and every region of the Commonwealth," said UMass President Marty Meehan. "As the state's top workforce development engine, which educates more students than any other college or university in Massachusetts, and as one of the state's three largest research universities, the university's economic contribution touches every community."

Much of UMass Dartmouth's FY22 economic impact was construction-related expenditures. The University spent nearly $53M on construction to improve student learning spaces and upgrade campus facilities to increase accessibility and meet sustainability goals.

"Year after year, Massachusetts colleges and universities draw tens of thousands of students to our state, many of whom stay beyond graduation to build their careers and fuel our economy," said Massachusetts Secretary of Economic Development Yvonne Hao. "Institutions like UMass have made Massachusetts a global leader in higher ed while also contributing to our state's excellence in just about every sector - from life sciences and technology to finance and advanced manufacturing. We're grateful for UMass's contributions to Massachusetts' economic growth."