2023 2023: Office of Undergraduate Research announces summer award winners

2023 2023: Office of Undergraduate Research announces summer award winners
Office of Undergraduate Research announces summer award winners

Twenty undergraduate student researchers from across campus to conduct unique research during the summer

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The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) is thrilled to announce the recipients of the Summer 2023 award program. This program provides funding for student researchers to pursue their proposed research projects alongside their faculty supervisors. This summer, a diverse array of topics will be explored by the student researchers in STEM, Social Sciences, Nursing, Humanities, and the Arts. These range from the investigation of old documents at the Ferreira-Mendes Portuguese-American Archives to research travel to Iceland and work at UMass Dartmouth labs, as well as externship opportunities at the New Bedford Research and Robotics. The Office of Undergraduate Research collaborates with our esteemed faculty, campus liaisons, and local industries to create exceptional research opportunities for undergraduate students. These opportunities enable students to make new discoveries, interact with research faculty outside of the classroom, and showcase their intellectual dedication and academic skills.


The Summer 2023 recipients are:

Anthony Cascio - Economics

Title: “Analyzing the Market Behavior of Climate-Sensitive and Resistant Seafood Assets in Response to Changing Environmental Conditions”

Supervisor: Sarah Cosgrove and Randy Hall


Anamika Mennon - Mechanical Engineering

Title: “Advancing the Performance of Structural Supercapacitors Using Nano-porous Carbon Fibers”

Supervisor: Caiwei Shen


Caitlin Ragan - Bioengineering

Title: “Fiber reinforced Hydrogel Composites”

Supervisors: Dapeng Li and Tracie Ferreira


Daphne Poirier - Biochemistry & Chemistry

Title: “Solid Boosters for Redox-Targeting Flow Batteries”

Supervisor: Patrick Cappillino


Haleigh Nogueira - Biology

Title: “How anthropogenic road noise affects prey physiological response to predation risk in free-living mammals”

Supervisor: Michael Sheriff


Jasmine Singh - Computer Science

New Bedford Research & Robotics Fellow         


Jordan Berevereli - Mechanical Engineering

Title: “Evaluation of Porous Super-Hydrophobic Surface for Gas Replenishment in Turbulent Flows”

Supervisor: Hangjian Ling


Kamryn Kobel - English & Communications

Title: “The Role of Women Within the Early American Gothic Novel”

Supervisor: Laurel Hankins


Kayeekuh SaintLouis - Nurisng

Title: “Racial Microaggression and Race-based Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Nursing Faculty of


Supervisors: Amy Shapiro and Shannon Avery-Desmarais


Linh Dan Nguen - Chemistry and Biochemistry

Title: “Elucitdating the Molecular Basis of Nef-ALIX Interaction”

Advisor: Xiaofei Jia


Madeline Shaklee - Biology and Mathematics

Title: “Proteins Need to Relax and Get in Shape: Using Computer Algorithms to Improve Published Structures”

Supervisor: Firas Khatib


Mahul Puri - Bioengineering

Title: “Gliding Motility Gene Deletion in Cellulophaga Lytica Bacteria”

Supervisor: Milana Vasudev


Mason Ferbert - Bioengineering

Title: “Electrospun nanofibers for controlled drug delivery for treatment of myocardial Infarction”

Supervisor: Sankha Bhowmick


Matthew Stearns - Physics

Title: “Exploring Applications of Quantum Conditional Probabilities and Entropies”

Supervisor: David Kagan


Monika Janina Kristjánsdóttir - Graphic Design; Art History

Title: “Iceless Futures: Visual Depiction of Southern Iceland’s Environmental Crisis”

Supervisor: Pamela Karimi


Owen Carvalho - Portuguese Studies

Title: “Censorship in the Estado Novo: A Comparison of Portuguese Journalism in Portugal and the Portuguese Diaspora”

Supervisor: Gláucia V. Silva


Vanessa Costa - Biology

Title” Behavioral Responses of the White Footed Mouse to Chronic Road Noise”

Supervisor: Michael Sheriff

William Girard - Computer Science

Title: “Developing Real-Time Evolving Deep Learning Models for Hydro-Plant Operations”

Supervisor: Haiping Xu


Yi-Hung Hsu - Animation and Game Arts       

New Bedford Research & Robotics Fellow         


Zach Perreira - Physics

Title: “Exploring Gravitational Waveform Models in Exotic Regions of Parameter Space”

Supervisor: Sarah Caudill