2023 2023: UMass Dartmouth students participate in reciprocal exchange with U.K. charity

2023 2023: UMass Dartmouth students participate in reciprocal exchange with U.K. charity
UMass Dartmouth students participate in reciprocal exchange with U.K. charity

Students explore careers in the offshore wind industry on both continents

Onside Youth Zone Network participants

This summer, UMass Dartmouth collaborated with the U.K.'s Onside Youth Zone Network, and surrounding SouthCoast schools to open doors for students who seek exposure to diverse world travel experiences.

By partnering with the Onside Youth Zone Network, a national charity based in Grimsby, U.K., UMassD students gained access to invaluable mentorship, support, and opportunities to elevate their ambitions and overcome potential barriers to success.

"High school and college students from both sides of the Atlantic got an extraordinary opportunity to learn from each other, broaden their personal horizons and perspectives, and be exposed to many career opportunities offered by the offshore wind industry," said UMassD Chancellor Mark Fuller. "We look forward to future opportunities to partner with our friends at the Onside Youth Zone Network with the aim of making this an annual tradition."

UMassD welcomed U.K. students to campus July 22-29, and took off for Grimsby, U.K. from August 5-12. The reciprocal exchange provided students from both countries the chance to build lasting connections and fostered an understanding of each other's society, culture, and academic institutions, broadening participants' perspectives and encouraging mutual respect for diversity.

Students were presented with unique opportunities to explore careers in the offshore wind industry, both in the U.S. and the U.K. By engaging with industry professionals and academic experts, participants gain valuable insights into potential career paths.

"The UMass Dartmouth / Grimsby global exchange program is a nexus between academic, cultural, and higher education experiences and offshore wind career pathways," said Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Kimberly Scott. "We're inspiring students to reshape their thoughts about higher education and careers in the offshore wind industry."

"New Bedford has a worldwide reputation as a robust fishing port," said Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Student Belonging, Kevin Hamilton. "This initiative creates opportunities to merge two unique cultures in an experiential learning process about creating renewable energy for a more sustainable and climate-friendly future."

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