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Healthcare Services Administration Concentration

‌The bachelor’s degree in Economics with a concentration in Healthcare Services Administration is for anyone interested in a career as a manager or supervisor in the healthcare field. This degree is a great option for healthcare professionals with an associate's degree who want to advance their careers as managers or supervisors. The program is also well suited to students looking to work in the healthcare industry with a focus on operations, administration, and management rather than the science-focused aspects of this profession. 

Healthcare administration professionals make decisions every day that help improve the lives of their patients. They are often responsible for managing health records, communicating new policies, coordinating with doctors and nurses, and ensuring compliance with healthcare laws and regulations. 

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Healthcare administration

The field of healthcare administration is growing fast, and so is the demand for qualified candidates to fill the growing number of jobs. Employers seek candidates with very specific credentials in the field.

We'll help you gain the practical skills necessary for intelligent decision-making and administration in healthcare. You will be able to:

  • create evaluative techniques
  • design and implement budgets
  • develop quantitative skills
  • evaluate management goals
  • use theoretical concepts of social dynamics
  • research healthcare and economic issues
  • manage healthcare staff 

Career opportunities

You will be prepared to pursue a wide array of employment options:

  • community clinics
  • government offices
  • hospitals
  • insurance companies
  • regulatory agencies


Students can pursue the concentration in Healthcare Services Administration as either a full undergraduate degree program or a degree completion program. For students transferring with college credits, our generous transfer policy may accept up to 60 credits from a regionally accredited institution.

To earn your bachelor’s degree with this concentration, you must complete 120 credits and meet all major college and university requirements.

Sample course offerings

Examples of courses offered in the bachelor’s degree completion program in Economics with a concentration in Healthcare Services Administration program include (course offerings subject to change):

  • MGT 201 Leadership, Teamwork, & Collaboration
  • PSC 315 Public Policy in America
  • MIS 315 Information Systems 
  • ECO 338 Health Economics
  • MGT 401 Applied Organizational and Career Development
  • MGT 443 Human Resource Management
  • ECO 475 Healthcare Services Administration and Management

Additional courses in accounting, economics, management, and other business-related areas are also required. 

  • Honors College: take advanced courses, pursue research, and be part of a community of scholars
  • Study Abroad: earn academic credits and gain a global perspective on your field
  • Undergraduate Research: faculty work with students on cutting-edge research projects
  • University Studies: gain the benefit of a broad university education to enhance your knowledge and skills

The Charlton College of Business Master of Science in Healthcare Management (MSHM) provides you with the knowledge and tools to help improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery and become an agent for positive change. 


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