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Core Program Faculty


Nikolay Anguelov
 (Ph.D. Policy Studies, Clemson University) 

Assistant Professor

Specializes in trade policy, industrial recruitment policy, and regionalization. 

Learn more about Professor Anguelov

Email: nanguelov@umassd.edu





Michael D. Goodman (Ph.D. Sociology, Boston University)

Associate Professor, Department Chair and Director of the MPP program
Specializes in economic development, housing and education policy; co-editor, MassBenchmarks, the Journal of the Massachusetts Economy

Learn more about Professor Goodman  
Email: mgoodman@umassd.edu





Devon Lynch (Ph.D. Economics, University of Colorado, Boulder)

Associate Professor, jointly appointed with the Department of Economics
Specializes in applied microeconomics with an emphasis in the field of public and labor economics.

Learn more about Professor Lynch
Email: dlynch@umassd.edu




Chad McGuire
(J.D., LL.M., Environmental Law, University of San Diego School of Law)

Associate Professor, Director the Department's Graduate Certificate Program in Environmental Policy  
Specializes in environmental law and policy with an emphasis in marine and coastal issues

Learn more about Professor McGuire
Email: cmcguire@umassd.edu
Updated Curriculum Vitae




Shawna E. Sweeney
(Ph.D., Political Science, Binghamton University)

Assistant Professor and Senior Research Associate, Center for Policy Analysis
Specializes in women's public policy issues, human rights policy, and globalization

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Updated Curriculum Vitae
Email: ssweeney@umassd.edu


Affiliated Faculty



Mark Paige (Ph.D., J.D., University of Wisconsin Madison)
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership
Specializes in Education Policy and Law

Email: mpaige@umassd.edu






João Paraskeva (Ph.D., University of Minho)
Associate Professor, Educational Leadership
Specializes in Educational Leadership, Critical Theory and Educational Policy Studies 

Email: jparaskeva@umassd.edu






Ricardo Rosa (Ph.D., University of Wisconsin Madison)
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership
Specializes in Education Policy and Curriculum Theory

Email: rrosa@umassd.edu







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