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Corsair Desktop Labs

In the Charlton College of Business computer labs, CITS has replaced traditional desktop computing with Corsair Desktop. This Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology offers decreased energy usage and electronic waste, while providing a dynamic and customizable computing environment for faculty and students.

Accessing a Corsair Desktop workstation

  1. Log on to any client machine using your UMassD Logon account.
  1. Select the virtual lab you require, if applicable.
  • If your course or program requires specialized software you may have access to multiple virtual desktop configurations.
  • If not, you will be automatically logged into the “General” CITS Lab configuration.

Disconnecting from the Corsair Desktop

  • Disconnect and you can log in again from any client within 60 minutes to the same virtual computer. All open applications and files will still be open and available.‌‌

After 60 minutes, the virtual computer is deleted, but a new one is always available This is the shortcut icon to disconnect an active VDI you.‌

The Disconnect from Session icon can be found on the upper-left of the desktop.

  • Log off to end your computing session. The virtual machine you were accessing is immediately deleted. When logging on again you will receive a new virtual machine.

Saving your Files

  • Save all files and documents on your Microsoft OneDrive, personal USB drive, or cloud storage provider of your choice. Do not save important files to the virtual computer’s desktop or Documents folder.


Accessing a Corsair Desktop workstation from your own computer

Corsair Desktop is available via the web at However, the web version does not support USB storage, and performance is generally better using the VMware client software. Visit the main Corsair Desktop page for installation instructions.


Getting Help

For help with Corsair Desktop labs, please use our online IT Help form (login required) or contact the CITS at 508.999.8900.


  • Are my application settings, preferences, and bookmarks saved?

Yes, most available settings and customizations are persistent and will work regardless of which virtual computer you are using.



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