Create an alias

What is an alias?

An alias is an alternate identifier that commonly follows a firstname.lastname convention, such as mary.smith. You can use it to more clearly identify yourself in email, especially if you feel that your UMassD Logon doesn't specifically identify you to email senders and receivers. You can also use it to establish a faculty or staff profile.

Remember: Establishing an alias does not change the way you log in. You must still use the UMassD Logon (email username and password) to log in to all applications and systems that use the UMassD Logon; you cannot use your alias to log in.

Examples of use of an alias

  • Your UMassD Logon username is m17smith. You'd like an alias to identify yourself as mary.smith.
  • Your name was Mary Green when you received your username mgreen. Now you're Mary Smith, and you'd like an alias to identify yourself as mary.smith.

You can activate and change your alias through the self-service system. Please read the alias information provided here carefully, so you'll be be prepared to make your selections in the self-service system.

Having an alias doesn't automatically enable it for use with any service (you must decide to activate it for the service); it simply reserves the alias for your use.

Services associated with the alias


You can establish an alias for use in email.

Faculty/Staff Profiles

The alias is the identifier (the folder name) for your faculty/staff profile. For example:

If you want to establish a faculty/staff profile, you must first set an alias for that profile using the self-service system for the alias.

If you already have a faculty/staff profile, please read the section below How does changing my alias affect my email, faculty/staff profile, and professional web/FTP space?

Professional Web/FTP space for faculty and staff

The alias is the identifier (the folder name) for your faculty/staff professional web/FTP space. For example:

If you already have a professional web/FTP space, please read the section below How does changing my alias affect my email, faculty/staff profile, and professional web/FTP space?

How does an alias affect email service?

In the self-service system, you can activate your alias for use with email. What happens?


Messages sent through the UMass Dartmouth email servers (all on-campus email, webmail, etc.) will then display your as the "from" address (it will no longer display your UMassD Logon username, even though your username remains valid for your email).

For example: The "from" for Mary Smith will become (the alias); it will no longer be (the UMassD Logon username).


When you activate an alias for email, people sending you email messages may address them to either the UMassD Logon username (, as always, OR to the alias (

For example: Emails may be addressed to (the alias) or to (the username).

How does changing my alias affect my email, faculty/staff profile, and professional web/FTP space?

You can change your alias at any time. When the alias is changed, the following sequence occurs:

Alias changed from to

NOTE: If you've already established a faculty or staff profile, you should carefully consider the consequences of changing your alias. Remember that your alias is the name of your folder in the profile site; for example, Changing your alias will affect the URL (web address) of your existing profile and web/FTP space. The URL will change to match the new alias. This could affect links to your profile and/or site that you have previously established. more information


  1. All email sent by the user will be rewritten immediately to
  2. Email sent to will be delivered to the user's mail box for 30 days.
  3. The will be unavailable to any user for 60 days.

Faculty/Staff Profile and Web/FTP Space

  1. The user's FTP/web space content will be moved to reflect the change to the new location.
  2. For 30 days following the change, the old profile URL (web address) will display a notice indicating the change of URL to the new location. (So anyone accessing the old URL will learn the name of the new URL.)

Note: Please make necessary changes to links and bookmarks to reflect the new URL and please notify others (students, maintainers of web pages carrying a link to your URL) of the change to your URL (web address).

Selecting an alias

Once you enter the self-service system, you'll be able to select an alias.

A user may select an alias from a list of automatically generated suggestions. The suggestions are generated from a database of nicknames for a given first name.

A user may request an alias not available on the list. The request is subject to approval by CITS Access Management. Requests should be compatible with the Responsible Use Policy, and the need to present a professional public image of the University. CITS reserves the right to deny a request for a variety of reasons.

NOTE: Once you've changed your alias, you cannot change it again for 30 days. Please select an alias wisely. If you have further questions, contact Access Management at x8528.

Guidelines for the alias

  • Must be appropriate and professional
  • The standard firstname.lastname is preferable, but the alias may contain any reasonable permutation of individual names
  • Must use a period (.) to separate the firstname.lastname


  • For help in establishing an alias and using its services, please contact the IT Service Center, x8790.
  • If you have questions about using a specific alias, please contact Access Services at x8528.
  • If you have questions about how the alias will affect your faculty/staff profile, please contact Instructional Development at x8501.