2017 2017: Frankie Romeo '17: graphic design & digital media

2017 2017: Frankie Romeo '17: graphic design & digital media
Frankie Romeo '17: graphic design & digital media

An internship in design provided the opportunity to work on brochure, poster, and visual identity projects.

Choosing CVPA

For me, choosing to study at CVPA all came down to the exceptional faculty and great sense of community I felt within the college.

The CVPA experience

The best part of my CVPA experience has been giving me a platform to speak publicly and showcase my work. I gave a talk at the Junior Together exhibition, spoke about a painting I had in a BFA gallery exhibition, and spoke at open house events.

My work will be in both the Senior BFA Show and the Senior Design Show.

I'm currently working on my senior capstone project for Graphic Design, which is a visual study on communicating a word or concept without the use of any text through different mediums such as photography, illustration, icons, etc.

Internship in design

During my final semester at the UMass Dartmouth, I was an intern for the Design Studio at the College of Visual and Performing Arts.

Over the course of the semester I worked on two separate teams, one to develop a print brochure and poster for the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Graduate Fine Arts Program, and one to develop a visual identity for the Design Studio itself.

This internship was a wonderful opportunity to work collaboratively on design projects in order to meet each client’s needs.

Ready for that first job

My CVPA undergraduate experience has taught me how to think and see as a designer, work with others, but most importantly, it has done a truly amazing job preparing me to get a first job. I am ready.

Faculty support & encouragement

Professor Michelle Bowers has done an amazing job preparing me for the workforce. She has given me a tremendous amount of advice on my business cards, website, and resume, and important aspects of the design field such as contracts or design briefs that all designers should know how to do.

Professor Laura Franz and Professor Yoon Soo Lee both have been extremely supportive and encouraging giving me career advice outside of class. They answered all of my questions about working in the graphic design field and have been extremely motivating to me.

CVPA's sense of community

The working environment is great, and the sense of community I feel is special.

All of my peers are extremely polite and open to other opinions and viewpoints as it relates to design. We students frequently meet up to work together outside of class for critiques and feedback on work. Everyone is welcome. This environment at the CVPA is something that I am proud to have been a part of.