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headshot of professional writing alumna
Master of Professional Writing offers broad curriculum that helps bridge the gap between science and communications

UMass Dartmouth’s Master of Professional Writing Program (MPW) helped Meg Cichon further her writing career and network in the science and university communities.

Nursing students with Prof Maryellen Brisbois at the New Bedford Boys & Girls Club
Caring on a global scale

The College of Nursing's Global Health Collaborative is changing lives and communities on the international, national, and local levels.

Inside-Out - Service Learning - Students learn side-by-side with Bristol County House of Corrections inmates.
Service-learning: challenging students to view themselves and others from a new perspective

An extensive number of service-learning offerings connect coursework with community assistance.

Tia Maria’s European Café in downtown New Bedford
Dining destination: Tia Maria's European Café in New Bedford

Jessica Coelho '06 established her popular downtown restaurant in 2013.

Abolitionist map of downtown New Bedford - courtesy of the National Park Service
Black spaces matter in New Bedford's history

Art history professor Pamela Karimi is working with others to tell the story of abolitionist New Bedford.

Alison Wells: Art influenced by New Bedford's culture & community

Alison Wells, MFA '07 set her roots in downtown New Bedford, recently named a "Top 10 Creative City."

Corsairs football players with helmets
Textiles blunt concussions

Researchers are using an old textile manufacturing method to produce a new protection against concussions.

Alumna begins volunteer work with the Peace Corps

Meaghan Koudelka ’16 joined the Peace Corps and is stationed in Ouarzazate, Morocco as a Youth Development Volunteer.

Annie Bourbonnais/SMAST research project studying nitrous oxide cycling
NSF grant supports study of nitrous oxide cycling

SMAST's Annie Bourbonnais received a National Science Foundation grant for her study of nitrous oxide cycling in the Western Arctic Ocean.

Massachusetts oyster bed in a Fish & Wildlife Preserve
Oysters cleanse water of nitrogen

Researchers are testing whether oyster clusters can reduce nitrogen levels that destroy fish habitats.

Investigating microbial life in Iceland: students collecting samples on the shore
Exploring microbial life in Iceland

Last summer, UMassD students spent two weeks investigating microbial life in Iceland.

Christopher Rogers working at loom
Christopher Rogers: Textile Design/Fiber Art student

Christopher Rogers '18 recently received two textile scholarships and is preparing for a semester abroad.

Jamie Losanno
Jamie Losanno: Marketing internship at Dell

After attending a UMassD career fair, Jamie Losanno '17 interned at Dell/EMC.

UMass Dartmouth welcomes Pedro Pires, President Emeritus of Cape Verde

Pires served as the country's first prime minister prior to his presidency and is celebrated for his role in making Cape Verde a “model of democracy, stability, and increased prosperity."

Professional headshot of Imad
Imad Jbara '17: An Author and College Student

Imad Jbara, a senior psychology major, felt he had something to say, and he found a unique way to say it.

SGA - Student Government Association
Shake The Ship: Dec. 6, 5-7:30pm

Shake The Ship gives students a voice in the changes they’d like to see on campus.

Kayleigh Ellison, Photo credit: Mike Valeri/The Standard-Times/SCMG
Kayleigh Ellison: Balancing law school and soccer

UMass Law student Kayleigh Ellison JD '19 puts the same determination into her education as she did in her fight against brain cancer.

The path to professorship

Samantha Pettey ’09 earns her PhD in American Politics and joins Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts as their newest professor.

Ashley Gelin at Akamai internship
Ashley Gelin '17: Internship at Akamai Technologies

After completing internships at Akamai Technologies and LifeWork Search, Ashley Gelin '17 has a better understanding of the type of career she wants.

Adrien Mercier: Degree in Art History led to position as gallery director

Hera Gallery director Adrien Mercier '15 says his CVPA classes prepared him for a successful career.

Gratitude Day 2016 - thank you cookie
International Gratitude Day: a day to thank on-campus donors

Arnie the Corsair joined students in thanking faculty and staff for their donations

Move-in day 2016 with Arnie
Welcome, Class of 2020

UMass Dartmouth welcomed its newest Corsairs this week, as they moved into residence halls, gathered for Convocation, and began classes.

Accessibility Awareness Week 2016
Accessibility Awareness Week 2016

An opportunity to highlight UMassD’s current progress and future opportunities around accessibility issues.

Capstone Project: Wrong Way Traffic Alert System
Capstone Project: Wrong Way Traffic Alert System

This project is an effective way to detect a vehicle traveling the wrong way up a highway off ramp; once the vehicle has been detected an alert system will provide the driver and others of the impending danger.

Capstone Project: STAR Acoustic Ruler Project
Capstone Project: STAR Acoustic Ruler Project

The Acoustic Ruler Project is an implementation of three closely-related custom-build devices and a Control Application.

Capstone Project: Snoopy, Small Onboard Linux Computer
Capstone Project: Snoopy, Small Onboard Linux Computer

The target of the project is to design a small onboard Linux machine. The device should have networking capability.

Capstone Project: School Bus Monitoring System
Capstone Project: School Bus Monitoring System

The project is intended to augment the function of the typical school bus monitor by alerting the school bus driver to any obstruction--such as a child--in the path of any wheel of the bus.

Capstone Project: School Bus Safety System
Capstone Project: School Bus Safety System

The project is intended to augment the function of the typical school bus monitor by alerting the school bus driver to any obstruction, such as a child, in the path of any wheel of the bus.

Capstone Project: Low Power Wireless Shock Detection System
Capstone Project: Low Power Wireless Shock Detection System

This project will employ a system which consists of two subsystems: a remote and a host.

Capstone Project: Contactless Indoor Flood Detector
Capstone Project: Contactless Indoor Flood Detector

Detect an indoor flood and report the flood over the internet via a wired or wi-fi network connected device.

Capstone Project: Lake Monitoring System
Capstone Project: Lake Monitoring System

The scope of this project was to design and develop a lake monitoring system to record the weather conditions at the lake.

Capstone Project: Beehive Monitoring System
Capstone Project: Beehive Monitoring System

The project is to create a remote monitoring system that will collect data on an individual hive that can be reviewed to assess the colony’s health.

Capstone Project: ClassD Power Amplifier
Capstone Project: ClassD Power Amplifier

Design and test a Class D power amplifier that is high frequency, high power, and high efficiency for ultrasonic applications.

Capstone Project: Dot Drilling Timing System
Capstone Project: Dot Drill Timing System

The goal of this project is to add accuracy and reliability to our customer’s ability to assess his athletes' performance in successfully negotiating the dot drill.

Capstone Project: Portable Sleeping Driving Detector
Capstone Project: Camera-Based Sleeping Driver Detector

This project is a software application for an android smartphone that uses the front-facing camera to detect if the user falls asleep while operating a vehicle.

Carly rousseau in her cap and gown
Carly Rousseau '14 earns Fulbright Teaching Assistantship in Greece

Carly Rousseau ’14 is an experienced traveler who studied abroad during her undergraduate years, and recently she earned a Fulbright Teaching Assistantship for the next academic year.

Capstone Project: Programmable Oceanic Robot

The student team designed and prototyped a battery-powered, autonomous, programmable underwater robotic drifter intended to seek and maintain a specified depth in the ocean, sample or retrieve data (temperature, salinity, turbidity, etc.) resurface and transmit the data, go back to depth for more data, and so on, for an extended length of time.

Capstone Project: Mouse Eye Injection Fixture

The student team designed and built a high precision apparatus for positioning an ultra-fine glass injection needle into the eye of an anesthetized research mouse using computer control and video microscopy.

Capstone Project: Shark Mop Boiler Life Extension

The student team studied the source of damaging buildup in the boiler of a steam-cleaning floor mop. After learning that it was primarily calcium from tap water, they designed and successfully demonstrated a very inexpensive filter to be installed inside each mop.

Capstone Project: Plasma Tank Improvement

The team designed, built, and successfully demonstrated a means and apparatus to remove the sediment in a plasma cutter water tank, thus reducing the necessary (and costly) manufacturing shutdown that would otherwise be needed for manual cleaning of the tank.

Capstone Project: Ninja Seal Improvement

The student team evaluated the seal efficiency on a line of Shark personal blenders and juicers with a goal of reducing the twisting force needed to loosen and tighten the cap while still retaining the effectiveness of the seal in order to prevent leaks.

AfterMath Symposium 2016

The AfterMath Symposium connects mathematics alumni with current students.

Art All State 2016
Art All-State provides a glimpse of life as a practicing artist

CVPA welcomed 145 of the state's most creative high school students for a weekend of intensive art-making.

Emily Moreau
Emily Moreau '17: Research on UMassD architecture

After learning about perspective in her media techniques class, Emily Moreau '17 is pursuing an independent study of architecture.

Capstone Project: Web Tracking Sensor

The students explored and demonstrated instrumentation that could detect the edge of a moving web and sense its lateral displacement to within +/- 25 microns (with a goal of achieving +/- 5 microns). The signal from the sensor would be used to control web steering in a manufacturing machine to ensure accurate web tracking through the machine.

Capstone Project: Spin Tester

The team analyzed modes of vibration and potential failure in a spin tester used to dynamically evaluate large and heavy abrasive grinding wheels. The intent of the project was to explore ways to increase machine throughput by altering the testing protocols.

Capstone Project: Green Line Leveling Valve Guard Improvement

The team designed and tested improvements to a novel, insulating shroud intended to protect a delicate valve from snow and ice underneath the MBTA’s Green Line subway cars.

Capstone Project: Miniature Manufacturing System

The student team designed and built a functional miniature version of a high precision web-handling system. The machine tracked a narrow, thin, transparent web from a supply spool to a take-up arbor.

Alternative spring break 2016

Supported by the Leduc Center for Civic Engagement, UMassD students spent spring break helping communities in Guatemala, North Carolina, and on the SouthCoast.

Christian Petitpas sampling Buzzards Bay water
Tracking evidence of a changing climate

UMass Dartmouth puts policy and science into action

Recycle, resell, and redistribute

The New2U Program collected 6,000 pounds of clothing, two 40-foot trailers full of household goods, and 27 shopping carts full of food.

Greener by Degree: Minor in Sustainability

Established in 2008, the Sustainability minor is the University’s largest and fastest growing minor.

Designing for Industry: CVPA’s new Innovation Learning Collaborative

The addition of the Innovation Learning Collaborative at the Star Store campus created more 3D fabrication options for CVPA students.

Prof. Nancy OConnor w. student
Undergraduates conduct marine research in new summer program

A National Science Foundation grant will provide hands-on research opportunities to students interested in marine biology, fisheries oceanography, and estuarine and ocean science.

Brittany Doherty: Career in sustainable business

Brittany Doherty '14 credits her leadership experience at UMassD for her success in the business world.

Capstone Project: Sandblasting Optimization

Students determined that a static electricity charge created by sandblasting caused the blasting grit to cling to the product in the machine, thus causing process problems later and also causing an unsafe working condition for employees. They selected, installed, and configured a system to eliminate the static charges, thus solving the problem.

Capstone Project: Laser Ophthalmoscope

Students developed a way to couple the infrared light from a laser into an ophthalmoscope using a fiber optic link, allowing the doctor to treat retina disorders.

Capstone Project: Bathythermograph Wire Inspection

In this project, students devised and demonstrated a method to non-destructively detect defects in the insulation on hair-thin wire.

Nikhila Vijaybhaskar
Alumna joins Akamai Technologies

For Nikhila Vijaybhaskar, joining the Master in Professional Writing program was absolutely the right move. It led to her dream job.

Ellisha Alexina '11
Ellisha Alexina: Designing success

Ellisha Alexina '11 built her fabric business around a technique she invented during her senior year at UMassD.

Jacob Vaillancourt: At the hub of waste management solutions

Jacob Vaillancourt '12 co-founded technology and waste management company Waste Hub to create a sustainable future.

Paul Duarte
MPW alum uses flexible skills to transition into financial service industry

Paul Duarte joins Boston Financial Data Services, Inc. as a Knowledge Coordinator

Master in Professional Writing alumna earns full-time position at major corporation

Kathleen Landers knew she wanted to advance and improve her writing style before she went into the workforce.

Ryan Arsenault UMass Law
Ryan Arsenault: Law school was a "natural choice"

Noticing that many veterans had "fallen through the cracks," Ryan Arsenault JD '16 attended law school with the goal of practicing veterans law.

Elizabeth Janson
Elizabeth Janson: PhD in Educational Leadership & Policy

Elizabeth Janson PhD '16 is committed to transforming public education and providing youth with the resources they need.

Tayla Vincent
Tayla Vincent: President of the Student Government Association

Tayla Vincent '16 developed UMassD's Shake the Ship open forum for students.

Bethany Phillips
Bethany Phillips: Mission trip to Haiti

Bethany Phillips '16 traveled to Haiti as part of the College of Nursing's Community Health Nursing course.

Chris LaPorte
Chris LaPorte: Commitment to service

Chris LaPorte '16 hopes to bring change to the world through a commitment to service.

Marissa Matton
Marissa Matton: Master of Professional Writing

Through coursework, internships, and a graduate assistantship, Marissa Matton '14 MA '16 has prepared for a career in web writing.

Jacob Miller
Jacob Miller: Effecting change through student leadership

Student Trustee Jacob Miller '16 has an unwavering commitment to public service.

Barbara Okafor '16: A passion for healthcare, research, and service

Pursuing research, running track, serving as a student leader, and working on campus, Barbara Okafor '16 has kept her focus and managed her time wisely.

Henry Cho: Dual major in writing and mechanical engineering

Henry Cho '16 views the challenge of a dual major the best decision he ever made.

Dylan Baker with Provost Karim at Honors Convocation 2016
Dylan Baker: Internships with NASA

Dylan Baker ’16 completed internships with NASA at the Stennis and Goddard Space Centers.

Shelya Lors UMass Law
Sheyla Lors: Internship with Legal Aid Society

UMass Law's legal skills program prepared Sheyla Lors for an internship with the Legal Aid Society in the Bronx after her first year of study.

Alyssa Nastri: Internship with AHA! Night

An Endeavor Scholar, Alyssa Nastri '16 is an intern with New Bedford's AHA! Night.

Kerina Silva UMass Law
Kerina Silva: UMass Law community is her lifeline

Kerina Silva enrolled at UMass Law to pursue her lifelong dream of practicing law.

Sean Townsend at Jumpin' Juice
Sean Townsend: Student-run business on campus

Sean Townsend '16 plans to pursue an MBA after co-founding campus smoothie bar Jumpin' Juice.

Breanna Labelle: Creating art through code

Breanna Labelle '16 transferred to UMassD after discovering CVPA's Design Department.

Evan FitzGerald: Army veteran and law student

Evan FitzGerald chose UMass Law because of Massachusetts' contribution to the start of democracy.

Trevor Mattos: Creating opportunities for the disadvantaged

Trevor Mattos MPP '16 worked at the Public Policy Center, researching SouthCoast issues.

updated photo of Shereen Cruz, nursing uniform
Shereen Cruz: Growing personally and professionally

Shereen Cruz '16 gained experience on a service trip to Haiti and in researching diabetes.

Stacey Miner: MA in Clinical Psychology

Stacey Miner MA '16 focused her career goals after interning at a mental health and addiction outpatient facility.

Joana Reis: Research internship in STEM education

Joana Reis '16 completed an internship with the NSF Robert Royce Teaching Program.

Marina Kowaleski: Public relations internship

Marina Kowaleski '16 applied classroom knowledge to her internship with the university's Marketing and Public Affairs departments.

Abner Barros: Internship at General Dynamics

Abner Barros '16 credits the College Now/START program for his success as an engineering student.

Cuong A Sy - MFA Artisanry - CVPA
Cuong Abel Sy: Exponential growth as an artist and a person

Cuong Abel Sy MFA '16 explored personal identity in his artisanry thesis, a series of bronze, gold, and silver necklaces.

Christine Letsche, UMass Law
Christine Letsche: A career as a justice-centered lawyer

Christine Letsche JD '16 participated in a range of learning experiences, including bail arguments and revocations, plea colloquies, and jury and bench trials.

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Megan DeBarros: Internships and mentors point the way to success

Megan DeBarros '16 has had marketing internships with RI Novelty and Your Sports Marketing Group.

Ambassador shot of Sharon Kumar
Sharon Kumar: Pursuing career in non-profits

Sharon Kumar '16 credits the Endeavor Scholarship for fostering her love for service.

Jason Strojny
Jason Strojny: White House internship

Inspired by his internship experiences at the city, state, and federal levels, Jason Strojny '16 plans to pursue a career in public service.

Michael Dueñas UMass Law
Michael Dueñas: practicing law to make the world a better place

Michael Dueñas JD '16 credits UMass Law's Immigration Law Clinic as a transformative experience in becoming a successful lawyer.

Jesse Waidler: Combining liberal arts and military service

Jesse Waidler '16 focused his undergraduate studies on history and French before pursuing his master's in education.

Ausubel Pichardo
Ausubel Pichardo: Philosophy of serving & learning

Ausubel Pichardo '16 co-founded Share Esperanza, a service organization working in his native Dominican Republic, Haiti, and New Bedford.

Joseph Zottoli: National Science Foundation internship

Joseph Zottoli '16 researched American horseshoe crabs during his internship at Rutgers University.

Carolina Mendez portrait
Carolina Mendez: Study abroad in England

Carolina Mendez '16 focused on international business as she studied in Lancashire and explored several European nations.

Doug Zemeckis
Doug Zemeckis: '16 PhD in Marine Science & Technology

Doug Zemeckis researched the spawning dynamics of the Atlantic cod during his doctoral studies at SMAST.

Sarah Lavalette
Sarah Lavalette: Internships in human resources

Sarah Lavalette '16 completed internships at the UMass President's Office and the Rockport Company.

UMassD students trek to the Big Apple for a weekend-long interactive course

Visiting a trio of historical sites elevates students' understanding of culturalism and the meaning of activism.

Victoria Arons' ambassador photo
Victoria Arons: Sharing love of art as a teacher

Victoria Arons '16 credits the College of Visual and Performing Arts' foundations program for transforming her into a well-rounded artist.

Colleen Reynolds: Pursuing degrees in math and education

UMassD's education 4+1 master's program is preparing Colleen Reynolds '16 for a career as a math teacher.

Tim Waithe in the Azores
Tim Waithe: Research in social needs of U.S. deportees

Tim Waithe '16 participated in the College of Nursing's inaugural "Bridging the Atlantic" exchange with the University of Azores.

Mayra Class, ambassador photo
Mayra Class: Admissions ambassador, international orientation leader

Mayra Class '16 majored in psychology to help people live healthier lives.

Semirah Dolan during internship
Semirah Dolan: Apprenticeship program at the Naval Undersea Warfare Center

Semirah's internship exposed her to the daily work life of an engineer and helped her clarify her goals.

International Students Orientation
UMassD is a global community, welcoming students and scholars from around the world

More than 600 international students are at UMass Dartmouth to acquire knowledge, improve skills, and pursue research

Daniel Noyes
Daniel Noyes: Research in cyber security of USB devices

Engineering graduate student Daniel Noyes '15, MS '16 was one of two winners at the Advanced Cyber Security Center's New England conference.

small image
Katherine Thompson '13: The Department of Marine Resources' newest scientist

2013 SMAST alum Katherine Thompson talks about her experiences as a marine science student and her new career.

Deborah Dele-Oni: Research in Immunology

Deborah Dele-Oni '18 researched immunology during her internships at UMass Medical and Brown University.

Luis Perez - Charlton internships
Luis Perez '16: Internships in Accounting

Using resources at the Charlton College of Business and the Career Development Center, Luis Perez secured internships at leading accounting firms

Sarah & Aaron Aker
Sarah & Aaron Aker: Sweethearts studying medicine and science

UMassD alums the focus of UMass Medical’s Match Day story for 2015

Dr Thomas Ranuga
Acclaimed author Dr. Thomas Ranuga kicks off the UMass Dartmouth Black History 4 Seasons Council inaugural event

Dr. Ranuga will discuss the struggle for meaningful change in the educational system

Image use courtesy of Zeiterion Theatre
Meet Jasmine Guy

Award-winning actress and local native is raisin’ cane at the Zeiterion

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Miriam Asangong: Accounting internships lead to career success

Following her internship at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Miriam Asangong '16 was offered a position as an accountant/auditor with the firm.

Black History Month becomes Black history all year at UMass Dartmouth

UMassD’s Black History Month Planning Committee becomes Black History 4 Seasons Council and offers programming throughout the year