Feature Stories 2016: Carolina Mendez: Study abroad in England

Carolina Mendez portrait
Feature Stories 2016: Carolina Mendez: Study abroad in England
Carolina Mendez: Study abroad in England

Carolina Mendez '16 focused on international business as she studied in Lancashire and explored several European nations.

Year: Class of 2016
Major: Marketing
Hometown: Born in El Salvador; moved to Boston in 2008
Minors: International Business; Management Information Systems
Activities: Resident Assistant, DECA (international association of marketing students)
Honors: Golden Key International Honor Society
Next steps: A career in marketing, with an international focus

Study abroad in England

During the fall semester, I had the opportunity to study in England. I attended the University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN), where I completed my international business minor.

It was an unforgettable experience that introduced me to new ideas, concepts, cultures, languages, places, and people that opened a whole new world of exciting memories and adventures.

It also helped me become an independent individual and to enrich my knowledge on British and European economic structures and currency systems that could potentially help me in my professional career in the international business field. My course work focused on international business environment and the role of multi-national corporations in globalization.

Buckingham Palace - Carolina Mendez
At Buckingham Palace in London

Immersion in British cuture

Here at UMass Dartmouth, I have a pretty busy student life handling being a Resident Assistant, having an off-campus part-time job, volunteering in the community, and taking honors and upper-level classes. Fortunately, student life in England was totally different. I was not as busy as I am used to and that allowed me to immerse into the British culture and to explore multiple British historic places such as Stonehenge, Great Bell (Big Ben), Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, and the Collegiate Church of St Peter and Edinburgh Castle.

Austria - Carolina Mendez
At Innsbruck, Austria, with the Alps in the background

Exploring other European countries

UCLAN's international exchange program is really big and they welcome students from all over the world. This gave me the opportunity to create long-lasting friendships with students from Germany, Canada, Japan, Egypt and South Korea. Being in the UK also opened the doors to explore other European countries. I visited Scotland, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Vatican City, Switzerland, and France.

It was an exciting experience which is why I encourage all students at UMass Dartmouth to study abroad. It's a life-changing opportunity that is affordable as long as you plan ahead and reach out to all of the resources offered through the university and other organizations.

Amsterdam - Carolina Mendez
Touring Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Hands-on marketing experiences

I have completed two marketing-related "hands-on-experience" projects which were also competitions among marketing classes within the Charlton College of Business. I was part of both 1st- and 2nd- place winning teams, creating a strategic marketing plan for a nationally known business and a marketing plan for a local small business.

I am also currently working with a client in another "hands-on-experience" marketing research project through the Marketing Research Center and Dr. Nora Barnes' marketing class.

Becoming a "master student"

The College Now program has supported me throughout the past four years by constantly guiding me and checking on my academic process. College Now gave me the skills and tools I needed to become a "master student," which is the program's goal. I also follow the "be here, be now" philosophy taught in my Introduction to University Studies class; this philosophy has helped me to stay focused in order to accomplish my goals.

College Now staff members are an excellent academic resource, and I am thankful for all their hard work and support. They take the time to get to know students personally, and they are always available. I not only have my assigned academic advisor in Charlton; I have four other academic advisors at College Now.

The future: marketing career & graduate studies

I am currently looking for full-time positions in my field, and I plan to start my graduate studies in fall 2017.

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Carolina Mendez originally shared her study abroad experiences in the College Now newsletter.