2016 2016: Ashley Gelin '17: Internship at Akamai Technologies

Ashley Gelin at Akamai internship
2016 2016: Ashley Gelin '17: Internship at Akamai Technologies
Ashley Gelin '17: Internship at Akamai Technologies

After completing internships at Akamai Technologies and LifeWork Search, Ashley Gelin '17 has a better understanding of the type of career she wants.

Year: Class of 2017
Major: Marketing
Minor: Management information systems
Hometown: Stoughton, MA
Internships: Akamai Technologies, LifeWork Search
Service: America Reads
Leadership: DECA
Honors: Dean's and Chancellor's lists

Interest in consumer trends

I majored in marketing because I want to work in the retail industry with a focus on business. I want to understand trends and how consumers think.

After taking Integrated Marketing Communications, I knew I chose the right major. I enjoy developing marketing strategies and conducting market research.

I hope to apply my experiences to assist a company’s branding needs through social media outreach, market research, and digital marketing.

Akamai Technologies internship

Akamai is the global leader in content delivery network services, making the internet fast, reliable, and secure. I worked on the university relations team, which drives Akamai’s university hiring strategy. The team is responsible for the summer intern, co-op, and entry-level hiring programs.

My responsibilities included implementing a performance management tool for interns and co-ops, planning social media content for the fall recruiting season, and assisting in sourcing and recruiting. I also participated in a Girls Who Code panel discussion and had the opportunity to mentor a participant.

I learned a lot including how marketing ties into the human resources field. The importance of branding was enforced throughout my internship. Akamai has to effectively brand itself at career fairs while in competition with other tech companies for the best students.

I had an advantage working on the HR team because I gained insight into what recruiters look for in candidates, interview skills, and resumes.

Ashley Gelin with UMassD interns and alumni at Akamai Technologies
Ashley Gelin, far right, with UMassD interns and alumni working at Akamai Technologies.

Opportunities for success

I obtained my internship at Akamai Technologies through INROADS, a program that prepares talented, underused youth for corporate and community leadership. I was provided with a mentor who has stuck by me through my journey in corporate America.

As part of the program, I attend workshops focusing on professional development and leadership within the industry. It's helped me realize my full potential, and it’s heartwarming to know there are many people who truly want to see you succeed.

I got an internship at LifeWork Search by attending UMassD's spring career fair. LifeWork Search is a recruiting organization that helps place supply chain professionals in positions that fit their skills.

I managed all of their social media platforms using a management tool. I also increased recruiter productivity by 15% by verifying and updating candidate information.

Discovering passions through internships

Everything you do during your college career is about building your brand in order to market yourself. Everyone should complete at least one internship. Internships help you discover your true passions and which field you'd like to work in. They also give you a chance to make connections with professionals in the industry.

My internships provided two different experiences that helped me realize the type of business setting that I'd like to work in. LifeWork Search is a small firm with less than 15 people working in the office. Akamai is a mid-size company with about 6,000 employees worldwide. I enjoyed the mid-size setting more, which is something I wouldn't have known without interning.

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