Feature Stories 2016: Luis Perez '16: Internships in Accounting

Feature Stories 2016: Luis Perez '16: Internships in Accounting
Luis Perez '16: Internships in Accounting

Using resources at the Charlton College of Business and the Career Development Center, Luis Perez secured internships at leading accounting firms

Hometown: New Bedford, MA
PricewaterhouseCoopers; Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co.
Dean's List, Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society
Next steps:
Assurance intern at PwC, summer 2016; CPA & MBA

Internships in accounting

In my first internship, I worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC) as an Internal Firm Services Intern in Boston. I was able to assist the Private Company Services department with research and small projects within the tax and assurance line of service. I conducted research and created a New Joiner Guide: a manual to assist new joiners with questions they may have regarding their new employment at PwC.

I also participated in technical development simulations focused on knowledge management, research, engagement preparations, and the performance of both a PwC audit and a corporate tax return. I developed relationships with partners, principals, and staff through networking events, social media, and formal and informal shadowing opportunities.

At my current internship, at Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co. Ltd. (KLR) in Providence, RI, I am mainly an audit intern with minor tax assignments.

A passion for auditing

My biggest lesson at PwC was learning about myself. I learned what I liked and what I didn't like about public accounting. For example, by participating in the technical development simulations I developed a passion for the auditing functions that I learned.

My internship gave me a real-life exposure to public accounting. Most large companies use internships as pathways to full-time job opportunities. In other words, PwC (and even KLR) will most likely make me a job offer as a full-time accountant in the future.

UMassD resources lead to success

I've used many resources here at the university to help me succeed.

My internship at PwC came from an event with the Beta Alpha Psi Honor Society. As a member, I've had the opportunity to attend and assist at premium accounting events.

I assisted at an event where a partner from PwC who was a UMassD alumnus shared his experiences as a college student, young accountant, and eventually a partner at the largest accounting firm in the world.

His speech inspired me, and I submitted my resume through the Charlton College of Business internship link. Accounting professor Michael Griffin handled my application, and I immediately received information for an interview. I prepared for the interview with Colleen Wetterland, a counselor at the Career Developmment Center, and Anthony Baird, Charlton's Director of Corporate Programs Development. Within 24 hours, I had landed the internship with the Start Program at PwC.

I gave a speech about my experience at PwC during Charlton's Dean's List Celebration last semester.

The future: CPA & MBA

After graduation, I'm planning to tackle the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and complete a Master's of Business Administration (MBA) at UMass Dartmouth to complete my 150 credits to be a licensed CPA in the state of Massachusetts.

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