Feature Stories 2016: AfterMath Symposium 2016

Prof. Yanlai Chen coordinated the AfterMath program for graduating seniors.
Feature Stories 2016: AfterMath Symposium 2016
AfterMath Symposium 2016

The AfterMath Symposium connects mathematics alumni with current students.

The Mathematics Department held the inaugural AfterMath Symposium this spring, connecting current students with alumni from the department. Alumni gave individual talks before participating in a panel discussion.

Funded through a College of Arts & Sciences grant, the symposium aims to develop a community of mathematics alumni and to keep students informed of the opportunities available to them after graduation.


After graduating from UMassD, Andrew Correia ’08 earned his PhD in biostatistics at Harvard University. He works on predictive analytics as a senior data scientist at SessionM, a Boston-based mobile marketing and advertising start-up.

A vice president at Brown Brothers Harriman, Brian Durant ’04 oversees a quality control team responsible for ensuring the daily accuracy of the mutual fund accounting records.

Jorge Fernandes ’14 is currently pursuing his master’s in predictive analysis from Northwestern University. Part of Pratt & Whitney’s Global Supply Chain data science team, Jorge supports strategic planning and improves performance through network modeling, outcome predictions, and complex data relationships.

Zachary Grant ’13 is a third year graduate student in UMassD’s Computational Science and Engineering PhD program. In addition to working with Dr. Sigal Gottlieb to design the accurate and efficient numerical methods for time dependent problems, Zachary has presented his work at international mathematics research conferences.

An actuarial analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Adelaide Hopkins is responsible for supporting physician and ancillary contract negotiations. In addition to her bachelor’s degree from UMassD, Adelaide has a master’s in actuarial science from Boston University.

Leah Isherwood ’12 is a third year graduate student in the Computational Mathematics PhD program at UMassD. She won second place at the Sigma Xi research poster competition with her research on numerical methods for predator and prey modeling.

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