Feature Stories 2016: Sean Townsend: Student-run business on campus

Sean Townsend at Jumpin' Juice
Feature Stories 2016: Sean Townsend: Student-run business on campus
Sean Townsend: Student-run business on campus

Sean Townsend '16 plans to pursue an MBA after co-founding campus smoothie bar Jumpin' Juice.

Year: Class of 2016
Major: Crime & Justice Studies
Hometown: Carver, MA
Leadership: Senior Resident Assistant
Next steps: Pursuing Master's in Business Administration

Running Jumpin’ Juice on campus

Starting and running Jumpin’ Juice has been the best learning experience I’ve had at UMass Dartmouth. I’ve gained real world experience while an undergraduate.

When I found out about the Student Run Business Association, I was immediately interested. Running my own business is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I’ve learned many things, such as how to manage employees and keep an inventory, but most importantly, how to maintain a successful business and continuously hit sales goals. We exceeded all of the goals we set for the first semester.

The biggest challenge while running Jumpin’ Juice was creating a successful marketing plan. Because of our location next to the fitness center, not everyone on campus knows about us.

The customer reaction has been overwhelming. The students really enjoy the fact that other students run the business.

Pursing master’s in business administration

I’m currently in the process of applying to UMassD’s MBA program, and I can only imagine the opportunities it will add to my future.

I’ve always been interested in business, and my highest level of interest in running Jumpin’ Juice has been the finance aspect. Concentrating in finance will prepare me for what I want to do after graduating.

I plan on pursuing a career in the consulting field. Ideally, I would like to work in Boston at a business consulting firm. My long-term goal is to own and run my own business.

None of this would have been possible without College Now. I can truly say that without the investment College Now made in me, I wouldn’t be doing as well.

College Now: Resources for success

I struggled a lot in high school and my grades reflected that. When it was time to apply to colleges, I was kind of lost. No one in my family had gone to college before. I had no plan for my future.

I was fortunate enough to have a guidance counselor who knew a lot about UMass Dartmouth and suggested I apply to the College Now program.

Once I arrived at UMassD, it was clear that I wasn’t prepared for college. After not doing well on my first test, I decided it was time to pay attention, do my homework, and take better notes.

Thankfully, I was in College Now. All of the resources I could possibly need to succeed were always within reach.

I was able to bring my grades up and became a College Now Talent Merit Student. The scholarship really helped me get through my four years of college.

Taking advantage of UMassD opportunities

If there is one thing I can suggest to first-year students, it would be to get involved. Take full advantage of the opportunities the campus provides. Many of them don’t cost you anything and can greatly benefit you.

Becoming really involved in the university was the best decision I ever made. Freshman year, I applied to be a Resident Assistant (RA). Through this job, I was given the opportunity to help first-year students who were just like me. I was able to pass on the information the College Now program offered me.

I decided to become more of a leader. As a Senior Resident Assistant (SRA), I take on more tasks, and I’m not only a leader to the students, but also to the other RAs on the housing staff.

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