Feature Stories 2016: Breanna Labelle: Creating art through code

Feature Stories 2016: Breanna Labelle: Creating art through code
Breanna Labelle: Creating art through code

Breanna Labelle '16 transferred to UMassD after discovering CVPA's Design Department.

Year: Class of 2016
Major: Digital Media
Hometown: Worcester, MA
Service: Maureen Paige Cancer Benefit, The Nordan Brothers Benefit, The One Fund
Next steps: Career in web design and development

Transferring to UMassD

I’ve always been somewhat of an artist, but I was a late bloomer when it came to understanding what I really wanted to do in life.

I applied to another state university to take a few classes, but when I started researching schools that were more for me, I came across UMass Dartmouth’s Design Department. So many great people have come from UMass Dartmouth, and I wanted to be one of them.

I finally got the courage to transfer, and I changed my major to digital media. I fell in love with the behind-the-scenes of computer coding and with web design, development, and interactive design.

I spent my senior year designing a website to showcase my work. There is something about generating a piece of art though code that really inspires me.

CVPA: Supportive community

The community we have here in the CVPA isn’t like anything I’ve experienced before. The faculty is more than helpful with anything that students need. Students come together and assist each other with assignments on a daily basis. The media lab has become a second home for us to share our creativity and inspire each other.

I work as a lab assistant in the media lab. I assist students with software and manage open and close operations. In the print center, I help students with printing assignments and manage records and printing charges.

As part of a three-piece series on greatest fears, Breanna focused on alcoholism and how it affects more than just the alcoholic.

Hoping to inspire others

I would like to gain some work experience in the web design and development field. I plan on attending graduate school in a few years for a master’s degree in web development.

Teaching people how to code is something I really look forward to in the future. I can only hope to inspire others to chase their dreams.

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