Feature Stories 2016: Victoria Arons: Sharing love of art as a teacher

Victoria Arons' ambassador photo
Feature Stories 2016: Victoria Arons: Sharing love of art as a teacher
Victoria Arons: Sharing love of art as a teacher

Victoria Arons '16 credits the College of Visual and Performing Arts' foundations program for transforming her into a well-rounded artist.

Year: Class of 2016
Major: Art Education: Elementary/2D Studies
Hometown: Peabody, MA
Leadership: Admissions Ambassador, Vice President of UMassD's Preservice Division of the National Art Education Association
Next steps: Teaching art at the elementary level

Choosing the right college is like falling in love

UMass Dartmouth is special because you’re receiving a top-notch university-level education at a state school price. I knew the second I stepped foot on campus that it felt like home to me. Choosing the right college is like falling in love; it suddenly clicks and you just know it’s right.

As an art student, coming to a university with such diversity of cultures, fields of study, and interests, there’s so much opportunity for learning and inspiration.

Finding a passion for teaching

I came to UMassD as a photography major, but the foundations program exposed me to so many different mediums of art, I couldn’t pick just one.

Having previously worked primarily with digital art, the program transformed me into an incredibly well-rounded artist with experience in an array of mediums and materials.

I fell in love with art itself and wanted to continue to learn and grow as a multi-media artist. I’ve always known that I need to have a fulfilling career that makes me feel like I’m making a difference.

I joined UMass Dartmouth’s Preservice Division of the National Art Education Association because they were having free pizza at their meeting. Fast forward four years, and I’ve changed my major to art education, and I’m vice president of the group.

I’ve learned so much about being an art educator. The idea of becoming someone responsible for molding the creative minds of children is exciting to me.

Learning & growing as an educator

I’m currently student teaching pre-school through fourth grade at Friends Academy, and I love the atmosphere. The entire faculty is supportive and collaborative, which I feel are two of the most important attributes for any school system.

I’m already dreading the thought of graduating and leaving my students. I hope to find a school with similar values and resources. Wherever I end up, I know that I’ll continue learning and growing as an educator, and that is what’s most important to me.

"This career is perfect for me"

As a student teacher, I’ve learned the importance of arts education and creativity at the elementary level. Every day, I learn more about art, my students, and the school system.

I learn so much from my supervising practitioner and students. I have moments every day when I think to myself, “I am so lucky to be here, and I know this career is perfect for me.” It’s such an amazing, rewarding feeling.

Most importantly, I learn how important it is to be the best educator I can be. It takes a lot to put aside anything you may be going through outside of school for the good of your students.

Being an educator isn’t just a job; it becomes such a huge part of your life. Seeing the impact I’ve made on my students has taught me more than I’ve learned in any textbook.

Change your life: get involved

As part of the the National Art Education Association, I’ve travelled to San Diego and New Orleans and made some of the most incredible friends and connections.

My advice to future students is to get involved on campus. Joining a club or organization can change your whole life. You meet so many new people and gain new experiences; you can learn more about yourself and who you want to be.

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