Feature Stories 2016: Christine Letsche: A career as a justice-centered lawyer

Christine Letsche, UMass Law
Feature Stories 2016: Christine Letsche: A career as a justice-centered lawyer
Christine Letsche: A career as a justice-centered lawyer

Christine Letsche JD '16 participated in a range of learning experiences, including bail arguments and revocations, plea colloquies, and jury and bench trials.

Year: Class of 2016
Program: Juris Doctor
Hometown: Randolph, MA
Leadership: Student Bar Association President
Next steps: public interest law, assistant distric attorney

Public Interest Law Fellow at UMass Law

I decided to go to law school to continue my education. I chose UMass for its mission of pursuing justice and affordable tuition. I was chosen as a Public Interest Law Fellow (PILF) and plan on dedicating myself to be a justice centered lawyer after graduation.

A background in public service

I went straight to law school from my undergraduate degree: a bachelor of science in criminal justice from University of New Haven.

During my undergraduate studies, I was a Presidential Public Service Fellow, in which I was placed in a non-profit organization in New Haven, CT. I worked heavily in the Fund Development and Administrative Office. Additionally, I spent time working with the Furniture Co-Op and planned summer field trips for the children living in the shelters. After the Fellowship was over, I was fortunate enough to remain working in the office throughout my senior year. 

Valuable insight into the daily life of an assistant district attorney

My experience in the Criminal Prosecution Clinic was significant in my law school career. The clinic re-enforced my strong passion for wanting to pursue prosecutorial work after graduation. During the clinic, our professor was able to give valuable insight into the daily life of an assistant district attorney. I was able to use my 3:03 Student Attorney License to participate in wide range of experiences, including bail arguments, bail revocations, and plea colloquies. I was even able to do a jury trial and a bench trial.

Besides the clinic, I have also held three other internships with Plymouth and Bristol County District Attorney's Offices. 

Student Bar Association President

My experience as the Student Bar Association President was also a significant piece of my law school career. I was the direct communication between the students and the administration. I was able to represent a diverse student body and facilitate activities among the variety of student groups on campus. I was able to expand my leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. I was also able to meet and interact with almost everyone at UMass Law. 

Next steps: public interest law

I plan on practicing in the public interest law area. I am hoping to become an Assistant District Attorney within the Commonwealth. 

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