2018 2018: Alexander Kephart '18: Commonwealth Scholar

Alexander Kephart - Digital Media - College of Visual & Peforming Arts
2018 2018: Alexander Kephart '18: Commonwealth Scholar
Alexander Kephart '18: Commonwealth Scholar

Questioning the link between real-life violence and virtual violence.

Alexander Kephart ’18 was recognized at the thirty-third annual Honors Convocation Banquet for having completed the undergraduate four-year honors curriculum to graduate as a Commonwealth Scholar.   

Ideas that come to life

I started experimenting with digital animation during my last two years of high school. I’ve always had a creative mind, and thought it would be a good way to start making my ideas come to life. My focus is mostly on 2D illustration and animation, but I also have experience with 3D sculpting, modeling, animation and video editing.

"Spaceship DM4"

Affects of video games debunked

My honors thesis, Video Game Violence: How Video Games Affect the Players, focused on violent video games and their effects on a player's mental state. What I found is that despite what some newscasters and politicians believe, there is no causal link between how often someone plays a violent game and the probability that they will commit real-world violence.

Android and the Undine Foundry Background
"Android and the Undine Foundry"

It was very interesting to read all the different studies on the psychological and physiological effects of video game play that lead me to this conclusion.

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