2018 2018: Jennifer Osafo '20: Corsair Rep

Jennifer Osafo '20 - Admissions Corsair Rep
2018 2018: Jennifer Osafo '20: Corsair Rep
Jennifer Osafo '20: Corsair Rep

Sharing her enthusiasm for UMassD with prospective students

Jennifer Osafo '20 is a Corsair Rep for Admissions, sharing her enthusiasm for UMass Dartmouth with prospective students.

Medical laboratory science: multiple career options

I got interested in medical laboratory science (MLS) after researching job options for different majors during my senior year in high school. I’ve always been interested in health and science, so when I saw that UMass Dartmouth offered MLS, a career path most colleges don’t offer, I decided to look into it even more.

To my surprise, I found that MLS covers a wide span of health and science topics including microbiology, immunology, chemistry, and hematology—to name a few. On top of that there are really unique jobs I could pursue like a cosmetic lab technician or even forensic science. I love that MLS satisfies my indecisive career path by constantly introducing different areas of science that all come together in the lab.

Step Team: leadership & community 

On campus, I am the Co-Event Coordinator of the UMassD Step Team. Joining the Step Team gave me a sense of community, responsibility, and confidence. I am able to utilize my creative side as I contribute in developing steps, as well as hone my leadership skills as an active member of the executive board.

My teammates are like my family and make going to UMassD feel like I’m part of something, a community. Nonetheless, step is a positive and fun outlet for me during my busy semester.

Learning to grow

UMassD has taught me to grow and become accepting of many people with different backgrounds. It has made me a more intuitive and eager student as well as teaching me it’s okay to fail, as long as I’m willing to try again.

Advice for prospective students

Here's the advice I share with prospective students:

  • Come in with an open mind.
  • Be prepared to learn and grow each and every day.
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out of your comfort zone.
  • Go to events: this is where you can make connections and meet lots of different people.

Goals for the future

After graduating with my bachelor's degree, I plan to apply to graduate school and pursue my master's degree in a specialized area of medical laboratory science. I also plan to gain experience by working in a hospital lab.

In the far future, I hope to utilize my MLS experience and move to Ghana, where I plan to establish small clinics providing aid and health education to families and their communities.

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