2018 2018: Diversifying the world of technology

Laodecia “Lala” Fevrier, panelist at Dell EMC recruitment event
Alum Laodecia Fevrier '18 (2nd from left).
2018 2018: Diversifying the world of technology
Diversifying the world of technology

Laodecia Fevrier '18, a marketing analyst at Dell EMC, returns to UMassD to serve a one of the Young Professional Panelist during Dell EMC’s "Changing the Face of Tech" recruiting event.

"I think being a business student at UMassD gave me a lot of opportunities to explore how I was going to build my leadership abilities and develop my personal brand in such a large industry," said Laodecia Fevrier, who graduated with a BS in Marketing and a BS in Management from Charlton College of Business this past May.

Fevrier is now a marketing analyst at Dell EMC, and part of her strategy for effective leadership involves giving back to her alma mater. Eager to engage in a discussion about her journey from a UMassD student to a marketing analyst at Dell EMC, she recently served as a guest panelist during Dell EMC’s Changing the Face of Tech recruiting event, held on the campus of UMass Dartmouth.

The event, specifically geared toward representing the importance of having men and women of diverse backgrounds in the tech field, offered an engaging opportunity for UMassD students to hear from a panelist of young professionals from all walks of life. “Recruiters understand college students aren’t working 9 to 5. However, they do want to know what students are doing to prepare themselves to become a professional,” said Fevrier.

“The Changing the Face of Tech event served as an opportunity for students to network with an industry leader and demonstrated the value of having diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. At Dell Technologies, we want to showcase what steps we’re taking towards diversity, but also how can we help change young students lives.”

Nearly 100 UMassD students from several disciplines, including business and engineering, attended the event. UMass Dartmouth is one of only four college campuses selected by Dell for the event, which was hosted in partnership with the UMassD’s Black History 4 Seasons Committee, Frederick Douglass Unity House, CITS, and the Career Development Center. Topics included advice on résumé writing, interviewing skills, networking, and the value behind diverse talent.