2018 2018: Quinn Harris '18: Commonwealth Scholar

Quinn Harris
2018 2018: Quinn Harris '18: Commonwealth Scholar
Quinn Harris '18: Commonwealth Scholar

Illustration major Quinn Harris '18 has a goal of publishing his first children's book.

When I was younger, I enjoyed drawing and coming up with stories and characters, which inspired me to want to make comic books. In high school, I enjoyed learning how to edit video and images in a media technology shop, but wanted to expand my knowledge and skills in drawing and painting as an illustration major.

Quinn Harris The_Walk'n_Ded
"The Walk'n Ded"

A love for cartoons and comic books

My senior artwork consists of two separate art series.

My senior thesis was based on my love for rubber hose cartoons and comic books. It is meant to show the whimsical, action-packed, comedic aspects of this art style. My approach was to create multiple narratives based on different genres that I enjoy, while creating a vague through-line about the two original characters I created. I really appreciated presenting my work and having a series of finished work to be proud of. 

The point of my honors thesis was to make anatomically-correct paintings of people in different situations and to complement them with matching paintings of the exact same scene done in a cartoon style. This project, by either simplifying or complicating anatomy and perspective, transformed one piece into another while still making it aesthetically pleasing to the viewer.

I want people to look at these pieces and be able to enjoy the humor, become invested in and relate to the narratives, and fall in love with the characters. 

Quinn Harris-Gamers

Developing inspiration and skill

As a Commonwealth Scholar and member of the Golden Key Honors society, I participated in multiple events such as the T-Shirt fundraiser and the Chipotle fundraiser to support local charities. I really appreciated the opportunity to study abroad and the extracurricular activities presented by the Commonwealth Scholars program. 

One thing I appreciated as a CVPA student was our trip to the National Museum of American Illustration in Newport, RI. I was able to view a variety of art work and experience the creativity and history of what my major and my future career have to offer.

That trip helped to inspire me further into pursuing my craft and to work harder at strengthening my skill set as an artist. 

Next steps

My plans following graduation are to start writing my own independently-made comic book series and to find work illustrating for children’s books.

My goal as of now is to have my first book published and presented at a convention in about a year.

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