2012 2012: Update on the Claire T. Carney Library

2012 2012: Update on the Claire T. Carney Library
Update on the Claire T. Carney Library

Update on August 19

This is an update on the damage assessment, cleanup, repair and reopening efforts after Wednesday's storm that affected the Claire T. Carney Library.

We have received results from additional air quality tests carried out by an independent firm working for the contractor carrying out renovation work on the Library. This is in addition to results of testing by the independent firm contracted by the University, which is also verifying the findings of the contractor's firm.

Based on the results of all these tests, we continue to have confidence in our schedule to readmit staff as announced on Friday.

We will partially reopen the Library to senior staff tomorrow, Monday, August 20, and their role will be to assess the state of physical assets in the offices and ensure we are ready to reopen floor 4 to staff on Tuesday, August 21. All other employees assigned to the Library will not report to work on Monday.

Please note that we expect floor 4 to reopen to staff only on Tuesday, August 21, and will confirm whether or not we are ready to do so tomorrow, Monday, August 20. Floor 5 will remain closed to all but essential repair personnel until repairs are completed. Floors 1-3 are subject to ongoing construction, and we will announce their opening to staff at a later date.

-Deb McLaughlin
COO and Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance