News 2013: UMass Dartmouth Summer Program in Portuguese marks 20 years

News 2013: UMass Dartmouth Summer Program in Portuguese marks 20 years
UMass Dartmouth Summer Program in Portuguese marks 20 years

$10,000 in scholarships available for students; Courses run from June 24 to July 26; Still time to apply

The UMass Dartmouth Summer Program in Portuguese is celebrating its twentieth year in business with a $10,000 grant from the Luso-American Foundation of Lisbon (FLAD), to be used for student scholarships. 

For many years, the Summer Program in Portuguese has provided an excellent opportunity for students at all levels to improve their linguistic proficiency, while learning about the Lusophone world, comprised of over 240 million people in eight countries on four continents and global diasporas. This year intensive courses in beginning and intermediate Portuguese are supplemented with three online only courses: "Advanced Portuguese," "Introduction to Portuguese Literature and Culture" and "Brazil: History and Culture."   

The Summer Program has also received funds from Camões, an institution dedicated to promoting the teaching of the Portuguese language throughout the world, for a Portuguese and Lusophone Film Series, which will feature a screening and question-and-answer session with internationally recognized director Miguel Gonçalves Mendes. 

As in previous years, the Summer Program will offer cultural activities that are open to the public, including lectures in Lusophone studies, the film series, and a Brazilian musical performance. 

The Summer Program is administered through Profession and Continuing Education. Courses are offered through the departments of Portuguese, History and English. 

All interested students are encouraged to apply for a Luso-American Foundation Scholarship. To request an application, contact the Center of Portuguese Studies and Culture at 508.999.8255, visit the Program's website ( or e-mail the Summer Program directly at