News 2013: UMass Dartmouth launches strategic planning effort

News 2013: UMass Dartmouth launches strategic planning effort
UMass Dartmouth launches strategic planning effort

UMass Dartmouth launches strategic planning effort

UMass Dartmouth will launch UMASSDTransform2020 -- a strategic planning process -- on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 to position the campus to meet the needs and aspirations of the community and Commonwealth at a time of accelerating change in the higher education environment. 

"We are looking forward to a deep and robust dialogue that will help shape a transformational course for  2020,'' said Chancellor Divina Grossman. "I thank all the members of the committee for their willingness to lend their expertise and perspective to the process." 

The strategic planning process, expected to be completed within nine months, will yield a blueprint for academic program development, student services, revenue enhancement, enrollment, research, community engagement, and other facets of the University's mission. Parallel to the planning process, a 10-year facilities plan will be developed. 

Dr. Mohammad Karim, the incoming Provost and Chief Academic Officer of the University, will lead the strategic planning process.  A 40-member committee of faculty, students,  staff, and community leaders will begin its work on May 14, 2013  with an all-day meeting that will include a discussion of the mission, vision, strategic goals, and priorities of the University. Work groups will also be established to examine specific topics.

The committee includes the following members, who will be joined in their work by Deans and members of the Chancellor's Cabinet: 

Jeffrey Augustine -- Director, Campus Services 
Carol Santos -- Assistant Vice Chancellor, Human Resources 
Pia Moisander - Faculty (Biology) 
Erin Bromage  - Faculty (Biology) 
Douglas Roscoe - Faculty (Political Science) 
Anna Klobucka - Faculty (Portuguese) 
Tribhuvan Puri  - Faculty (Accounting/Finance) 
Godwin Ariguzo  - Faculty (Marketing) 
Michael Hayes  - Director, Facilities, Planning, Design and Construction 
Tracey Russo  - Director, Instructional Technology 
Robert Peck - Dean, College of Engineering 
Peter Friedman  - Faculty (Mechanical Engineering) 
David Brown - Faculty (Electrical/Computer Engineering) 
Craig J Dutra -- President, Community Foundation of Southeastern Massachusetts 
Adrian Tio -- Dean, College of Visual and Performing Arts 
Shawn Towne - Faculty (Digital Media) 
Stacy Latt Savage  - Faculty (Fine Arts) 
Bruce Sparfven  - President, ESU 
Catherine Gardner - Director, Faculty Development 
James Griffith - President, Faculty Federation 
Richard Peltz-Steele  - Faculty (Law) 
Burton, Terrance - Dean, Library Services 
Marilyn Asselin - Faculty (Adult & Child Nursing) 
Barbara Weatherford - Faculty (Adult & Child Nursing) 
Kristen Sethares  - Faculty (Adult & Child Nursing) 
Stephen Hegedus - Faculty (Kaput Center) 
Michael Goodman  - Faculty (Public Policy) 
Amit Tandon - Faculty (Estuarine/Ocean Science) 
Mark Altabet -- Faculty (Estuarine/Ocean Science) 
Rita Roy - Graduate Student Senate 
Remy Espinola -  Student Government Association (Commuter) 
Joshua Encarnacion, - Student Government Association (Resident) 
Freddie Lam -  Graduate Student Senate (Law) 
Sheila M Dorgan - Director, Health Services 
Jacqulyn Sardina - Student            
Nicholas Christ - President and CEO, Baycoast Bank 
Roy Nascimento - President and CEO, New Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce 
David Cressman - Executive Administrator, Town of Dartmouth 
Dr. Michael Hyder - Vice President of Population Health Management, SouthCoast Health System 

Guiding the Committee through the process will be a highly respected expert in strategic planning, Dr. Vincent K. Omachonu, an Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering at the University of Miami. 

Dr. Omachonu received his Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic Institute of New York. Dr. Omachonu has conducted organizational assessments, strategic planning, program evaluation, and quality assurance training for numerous organizations and corporations.