UMass Dartmouth to Host Premiere of "The Bridgewater Triangle" Documentary

Fans of the Paranormal to Gather for Documentary Premiere October 20

UMass Dartmouth will host the premiere of "The Bridgewater Triangle" documentary, Sunday, October 20, 1 p.m. at the university's Main Auditorium. The Bridgewater Triangle sits within the Southeastern portion of Massachusetts. According to the film's creators, the triangle's history involves an inexplicably high volume of reports involving strange occurrences, unexplained mysteries and sinister activities. Ghostly hauntings, cryptic animal sightings, UFO encounters and evidence of satanic ritual sacrifice, are just some of what make the triangle a hotspot for paranormal activity. 

The first-ever feature-length documentary on the subject, "The Bridgewater Triangle" explores the history of this fascinating region. The film features a number of local residents providing first-hand accounts of unexplained occurrences and paranormal experts to offer their view regarding the many mysteries of the triangle. 

The triangle's traditional boarders are revealed by connecting the dots between the town of Abington to the North, the town of Freetown to the Southeast, and the town of Rehoboth to the Southwest. 

The first 100 UMass Dartmouth students will get in for free, and following that, tickets will cost $10. 

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