Fisheries Science & Management 2nd Edition Textbook Published

Textbook is Collaborative Effort of UMass Dartmouth's School for Marine Science & Technology Professors, Researchers, & Graduate Students

A new edition of "Stock Identification Methods: Applications in Fishery Science" is a broad reappraisal of the 2005 first edition to accommodate advances in both the science and the technology. The development of new tools in image analysis and fish tagging technologies allows for better understanding of multidisciplinary data for researchers and graduate students studying population structures of fishery resources. 

"Rapid advances in several technologies inspired a major revision of the first edition," Professor Cadrin said. "Among other important updates, the second edition has extensive re-consideration of genetics and electronic tagging, and a concluding section on interdisciplinary analysis and synthesis for fishery management advice." 

Cadrin credits a long list of contributors, including several from SMAST. Post-doctoral researcher Lisa Kerr co-edited the book and authored several chapters. SMAST graduate students Greg DeCelles, Doug Zemeckis, Dan Goethel, Ben Galuardi, and Peter Chase authored or co-authored chapters, as did SMAST adjunct professors Jon Hare, Jake Kritzer, and Rich McBride. 

Stock identification continues to grow as an interdisciplinary field and has become an essential component of fisheries worldwide utilized by research institutions and government agencies. 

The volume, published by Elsevier, will be the textbook for a course on fisheries science and management, to be taught by Cadrin next semester.

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