UMass Dartmouth student earns three prize ribbons for 'People Mover' at World Maker Faire

First year student Adrian Niles, of Brockton, MA earns two Editor's Choice and Best in Class ribbons at 5th annual Faire in New York

UMass Dartmouth College of Engineering first year student Adrian Niles, of Brockton, MA, was awarded two "Editor's Choice" ribbons and a "Best in Class" ribbon for his modified Segway, or 'Self Balancing People Mover' at the World Maker Faire in New York. The fifth annual Faire was held in September to recognize the ingenuity of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. At last year's Maker Faire, Adrian earned "Editor's Choice" and "Maker of Merit" ribbons.

The goal of Adrian's 'People Mover' is to have enhanced safety features to keep the rider safe at all times. The potential of the modified Segway is to support disabled and elderly individuals ability to be active and mobile in their community.

In June of this year Adrian traveled to Washington D.C. with his invention to participate in the first White House Maker Faire. The first year UMass Dartmouth student, who also won first place at the 2014 Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair, will participate in the 2014 Massachusetts Junior Academy of Science symposium, Saturday, Oct 25, 2014, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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