Public invited to screenings of award-winning documentary on a community of Mexican immigrants revitalizing Irish-Catholic Church

"Adelante" to be screened at UMass Dartmouth Frederick Douglass Unity House and St. Anthony's Church in New Bedford April 23

The UMass Dartmouth community and the general public are invited to two opportunities to watch the award-winning documentary Adelante, which portrays how a community of recent Mexican immigrants is revitalizing a once dying Irish-Catholic parish in Pennsylvania.  The screenings of Adelante will take place Thursday, April 23, 2015, at 3:30 p.m., at the Frederick Douglass Unity House and at 7 p.m., at St. Anthony's Church in New Bedford, MA (1359 Acushnet Avenue). The documentary film's director Noam Osband will discuss the making of Adelante following both screenings. 

"As soon as I read the synopsis I thought it was an important film to bring to our area. The story of the 'encounter' between old-time residents and newly-arrived immigrants is one that resonates with the history of our region. it also helps us understand the experiences of the now well-established ethnic communities, whether Azorean or Cape Verdean, when they themselves were the newcomers. And it is a story that has been repeated in many parts of the country," said Dr. Lisa Maya Knauer, Chair of UMass Dartmouth's Department of Sociology and Anthropology. "I hope that the film provides an opportunity for our communities -- both on campus and in New Bedford -- to talk about how we can build bridges across lines of language, ethnicity and nationality. 

"Adelante tells an inspiring story that I'm sure will resonate with the community here in New Bedford too," said Corinn Williams, Executive Director of the New Bedford Community Economic Development Center. "We are really looking forward to seeing what can be accomplished when a community comes together." 

Adelante has been screened at numerous film festivals and colleges and universities across the U.S. and internationally. The film is the recipient of "Best Student Doc Award" at the Catskill Mountain Film Fest, "Rising Star Award" a the Canada International Film Festival, and "Award of Merit" at the Accolade Film Fest. 

The screenings are co-sponsored by the New Bedford Human Relations Commission, Catholic Social Services, the Immigrant Assistance Center, Community Economic Development Center, the Centro Comunitario de Trabajadores, United Interfaith Action and the UMass Dartmouth Sociology and Anthropology Department, Campus Ministry, Department of Foreign Languages and the Arnold Dubin Labor Education Center.

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